Friday, November 11, 2016

The watch.

The reason for going to Toulouse was to pick up a watch which had been sent back to the factory for repair. The fancy jewellers sports one of those air lock type security doors. PONs don't do airlock doors well. After several attempts the dog owners law of diminishing returns is invoked and Angus physically scoops the male PON up. The staff, seeing a foreigner arrive with a shaggy dog in his arms, seem even more surprised than Bob.

Angus hands over an e-mail saying the watch is ready for collection. A young man in black suit, black shirt and black tie takes the e-mail , reads it, then stands in silence and looks first at Angus, who is wearing a $20 plastic Swatch watch, then at a particularly shaggy and ever so slightly drooly Bob. '' Are you sure you're in the right place ? ". He asks this with more than a hint of condescension in his voice. 

The watch is located. Meanwhile Bob shows a keen interest in the layout of the showroom. Angus prays that the PON boy isn't in a furniture christening mood. A sprinkling of Eau de Bob would not go down well with the haughty young man or the flock of young ladies - also in black - who hover in the background. Angus observes that the assistant has a pony-tail , held in place by  rubber band, on top of his head. Perhaps this is a new fashion.

'' It's a very old watch ' observes the young man. It was made on the day of Angus's entry into the world sixty one years ago. I explain this. '' Oh ! An antique " continues the trendy young man with what might be considered humour. The bill is presented. Angus says that he's surprised they haven't changed the strap considering the amount he's paying. The young man frowns in a way that indicates he'd like to think this annoying customer is about to have an encounter with a large piece of rotating machinery .

The dogs owner tries to leave the showroom displaying a worldly wise hauteur. However displaying any kind of hauteur is difficult when you have to pick up an airlock terrified PON while simultaneously pressing a security button with your right knee.

Outside Bob regains his equanimity and gives me his ''That was great fun. We should do this more often" look.

The family fellow continues to drool a bit and hold his head, slightly, to one side. Sometimes his breathing is a little rough, as if he's got a head cold.  None of the symptoms seem to bother him. I'd think that it was an abscess on a tooth but his breath is sweet and his gums are neither swollen nor sensitive. The vet says give it  month to see if its a glandular thing. The alternative a trip to the hospital for sedation and X-rays. Neither of these would be enjoyed by Bob.

I'll keep on taking him on trips in the car to keep him occupied and prevent him from fretting about his sister.

Later today we have the November 11th Ceremony at the war memorial. 


  1. I think Bob has a dog person version of bells palsy. I have known two human people who developed it during a time of stress in their lives. Both fully recovered after resting and enjoying their equivalent of croissant ends and car rides.

    1. You could be right. He's certainly been deeply unsettled by his sisters immobility. This, despite a deliberate and structured routine of spending time with him.

  2. Bob seems to be having great fun, even though he's stressed by Sophie's immobility. You all have to go through the aftermath of her next operation again, so we hope it doesn't increase the poor little chap's stress levels. Croissant ends and car rides sound the perfect solution, and maybe a sausage or two !

  3. Still laughing at the picture of you and Bob staging your exit from the haughty jewellers.

  4. So I guess they didn't change the watch strap?
    I took a watch to have the battery fixed and strap changed. They didn't have the right size, so they put on a strap with a silver metal buckle, and handed me the (real) gold buckle, asking, are you sure you want this?

  5. Last time Leah accompanied us to the jewellers she had far more attention than us, the shop assistants too busy making a fuss of her to be bothered serving us!

  6. Dear Angus. I haven't laughed since 9 pm on Tuesday so it was a nice surprise to find myself laughing happily at your encounter at the snooty jeweller's. I hope you don't mind. Knowng that Bob is not a light weight and kind of shaggy and hard to get a hold on, and picturing the in and out process with the air lock you often like to say, only a dog owner can get it. Much love. Enjoy the retrieval of your "antique!"

  7. I fully agree with Jake!

    Paying for our groceries at the local trendy market, we reminded the friendly (and pony-tailed) checker that it was senior discount day. Beaming a smile at us, he commented, “And well deserved, too!” I felt as if we had suddenly aged 20 years.

  8. As Jake said, a good smile and much needed.
    I am replaying mentally the imagined film of you and Bob exiting the jewelers, and laughing. Hope the watch is now working just fine.

  9. Young men here in L.A. sport those high pony tail things only in the form of a bun. Called a Mun for man-bun.

  10. In the words of Edina Monsoon (Ab Fab) he's just a sales clerk.

  11. With three watches to be serviced (the last time I hope ) and over €2000 to be paid I hope we left plenty of DOG HAIR all over their floor! Bordeaux.

  12. We so enjoyed your descriptive story at the jewelers! Dogs certainly keep us real if nothing else. I can almost picture this in my minds eye, you trying to maintain some form of dignity and yet helping Master Bob through the door. Angus, how many times can we Thank You for sharing your wonderful life in this blog each day. It's a total delight. I love to circle back and read all the comments later in the day.

  13. Your blog is the first blog that I read every day....I may not always comment but rest assured that it is my favourite blog.
    Checking in with Bob and Sophie first thing in the morning is a ritual and just like Beau above, I too circle back and read the comments later before I close my pc for the night.
    As for today's episode, I find these youngsters a tad too flippant with their comments and I am so HAPPY that you still managed a grand departure with Bob underarm. "Are you sure you are in the right place?" What nerve...Mr. Ponytail wants to make you think you're senile? Perish the thought!!!
    Sending Bob lots of love as he sympathizes with his sister's immobility.

  14. An antique. Oh my word. Not even close watch shop young lad, not even close.