Tuesday, November 15, 2016

A gravitational pull.

Sophie is happy to sit in her cage enjoying the morning sunshine. Her brother stands on guard in the back of the dog car watching the sparrows commuting backwards and forwards to the gutters. Their master plants out shrubs to replace those that died in the summer drought.

I tell Bob that his sister is going back into hospital in a weeks time.

He makes a ' Blimey ! Tell me another ! ' face.

Christmas casts its gravitational pull on French retailing.

Santas appear in the supermarket aisles. Thankfully, no piped music - yet.  A 'Let it snow' sign is added as a finishing touch to the display of Christmas decorations. It's seasonal message probably wasted on the resolutely non-English speaking inhabitants of deepest France profonde.

Glamour on the Christmas Seasonal Luxuries - International Exotics stand. Three bottles of Louisiana Supreme Steak Sauce, seven cans of A&W Aged Vanilla Root Beer and a dozen jars of Vlasic Hot Dog Relish. On closer inspection the Hot Dog Relish might be Polish but with an English label.

Four plastic bottles of Hershey's Caramel Syrup complete this cosmopolitan tour de force.

What must the locals think Anglo Saxons eat in the festive season ?


  1. Bob is no doubt not the only family member who will be relieved when the Sophie's leg saga is over.
    He would probably enjoy some snow too.

  2. Poor Sophie, she must be feeling pretty well recovered from her last ordeal, and has no idea that she has to go through it all again. Can Bob be trusted not to tell her?
    Christmas is fast approaching here, too - lots of glitter in the shops.

  3. Bob's face is truly a picture!

  4. Oh dear, you've been infected with rampant Christmasism. It's here, too, and most unwelcome. Bah, humbug.
    Vlasic may be a Polish-name label, but those pickles are sold in the U.S.

  5. With those delectable items on the shelves right now, why not ring in the holidays a little early? Surely you picked up at least one of each. (I hope you know I’m being facetious.)

    The light and shadows on the leaf-strewn lawn are remarkable.

  6. Whoever designed those Santas could well have used Bob as a life model. Hope all continues to be well.