Saturday, November 5, 2016

Emotion in excess of its object.

Sophie is in a particularly demonstrative mood when I open up the pen to let her out into the garden. Five minutes is spent with a paw waving PON in my lap.

Bob joins me on an early morning errands trip. The family fellow is hurried past the little garden store before he decides to christen anything.

He is greeted warmly in the cheese shop. The young lady behind the counter has taken to calling him '' Bobby " or ' Bawbeee ' as it emerges in French.  He has a little Blue de Chevre. So does his master. We buy a portion for lunch together with some Brie de Melun.

A more difficult choice at the fancy bakers. Bob waits outside. The bakers daughter goes out and chats with him while I decide on what to buy.

It goes without saying that Bob gets given some slivers of baguette.

The blue skies have gone. Replaced by clouds and drizzle. It was in the 70's at the start of the week and is forecast to fall into the mid-40's on Tuesday. Our first frosts of the winter on Thursday. We stop and stare at the donkeys in the field by the crossroads. The donkeys stare back. All is well with the world.

With the advent of colder weather Sophie moves from the garden to the library. She and her owners will be glad when this protracted period of being housebound is over. Thank heavens she has no idea that the second leg has yet to be operated on. Some may view this worry about a dog as ' emotion in excess of its object ' but that's a dog owners right .... it comes with the territory.


  1. Raining here too, this morning, but still very mild.
    There is no such thing as an excess of emotion where the health of our dogs (or any animal)is concerned. In spite of her "incarceration" Sophie looks extremely content and very comfortable.
    The little garden store looks an absolute gem - something from a by-gone age.

  2. It occurs to me that cheese has done much to help teach me the geography of France.
    Have a great day to all.

  3. What a fine figure of a dog Bob is, standing there surveying the donkeys.

  4. Our dogs are 4 legged children that depend on us. People without pets can't appreciate this. Yes, thank goodness Sophie doesn't know about the second surgery!

  5. The little garden store is delightful. Oh mercy, two pictures from the fancy baker. And cheese. I feel as if I have been to France this morning.

    1. I agree and I live here! I never tire of reveling in the French art de vivre.

  6. I do wonder if Sophie realizes how long she's actually been activity restricted. Long, short or somewhere in between? Humans with prolonged hospitalizations or confinements will frequently state a grossly protracted period of time or one that far shortened,
    Love, attention and the presence of her beloved brother hopefully keep her somewhat happy.

  7. I'm with the others in appreciating your pictures of the garden store and the various cheeses.
    Are the donkeys loose, or is their pasture fenced? It looks as if they're on the honor system.

  8. Your love and concern for animals of all species is extremely admirable to this reader! I still seem to believe that animals live "in the moment" and don't realize the span of time passed - although they do sense time, i.e. "it's dinnertime!!" I do hope Sophie does not realize how long it has been. And yes, thank heavens they cannot anticipate the future as we human animals can - a sometimes dubious blessing for the human species methinks. xxoo

  9. Well, emotion concerning dogs and other animals is common around here.

  10. I honestly don't know how you make up your mind at the bakers, I'd have to stay with Bob and let someone else decide.

    Of course I share your feelings and thoughts about the 2nd surgery. But I think "we" are both better prepared for it because we know what to expect. A Lab that belongs to a friend of ours just had her 2nd knee surgery this week, a year past the first one. She had to be taken in for a "surgical repair" because she was left unattended without a collar or cone on to keep her from nibbling on herself. A good reminder for even the best of post-op patient!

  11. I try not to let my wife visit the bakers; otherwise....

  12. It's a long hard slog but patient, brother and owners doing remarkably well despite a very small number of heart stopping moments. Would probably have far more trouble selecting one of those amazing cheeses rather than a cake. In fact, forget the cake. I'll have cheese instead. Any will do, thank you. :-)