Saturday, November 19, 2016

Bonnet de Giraumon.

We're early. The greengrocers plunged into Stygian gloom. The staff are still putting the lights on when we arrive. At this time of the morning the only customers dog owners, pensioners and a couple of sleep deprived young mothers suffering 'teething' for the first time .

Bob and Angus stop  to examine Bonnet de Giraumon pumpkins.

The 2016 Beaujolais Nouveau has arrived. What a clever marketing construct to turn convention on its head and make very young wine desirable.

Sophie is harnessed up and ready for breakfast. What a wonder this double handed  harness is. Sophie considers being strapped into it a delight. A rice cake serves as an early morning inducement to good behaviour.

After breakfast of kibbles, rice, yogurt and cheese the PONs assemble in the garden. Bob chases invisible things. Sophie lies in the leaves and sings.

So starts a quiet Saturday in deepest, deepest France profonde. Only a few more days and Sophie will be heading off to have her second leg seen to. She will be so happy when this is over - a feeling shared in large part by her owners.

The Old Farmer spends all day having his boiler repaired. The engineers arrive at nine and leave at five. They disappear for two and a half hours at lunchtime. The black smoke issue seems to have been resolved. 'The Font' thinks its prudent that our regular engineer is coming next week. While the engineers work in the boiler room The Old Farmer starts stringing up Christmas lights around his gutters.


  1. This may be a dumb question, but I've been wondering, does the double handed harness need two people to operate it?
    Cheers, Gail.

    1. No, you grab one handle and lift the front end and the other handle for the back end. Much easier than having to bend down to pick up a recumbent dog. When the dog is on its feet the rear handle acts as support and guide. Don't know how much Bertie weighs but Sophie is 44 lbs which is not an easy weight to stoop down and pick up all the time.

  2. How did the Old Farmer put out the fire?
    Good luck to Sophie. Many people are worried until she is fully well.
    Re Beaujolais Nouveau: In Belgium (at least some years ago) the brasseries and restaurants had signs proclaiming "Les Moules sont arrivées!" Mussels are (were) to be eaten only in months ending in re/er: September to December. Imports seem to have ended that rule, I hear.

  3. Regarding the Old Farmer's lights, I hope flights into Toulouse are not distracted and confused.

  4. You have a wonderful photo of Sophie singing ... and then you say "So stats a quiet Saturday"...... Um, have I missed something here Angus? I somehow doubt the wine is one destined for the most discerning of palettes!

  5. Wasn't it odd that the Old Farmer's chimney caught fire right after it was supposedly cleaned? Hope the second repair was done without charge. Lovely to once again see a photo of Bob and Sophie side by side in the kitchen.

  6. Thank God for you, Angus. The old farmer hanging his blinding lights is happy ending, isn't it.
    Knowing Sophie will be going into her second surgery has me unsettled. Poor girl. She's been through so much but still sings. She's in our prayers.

  7. The picture of "The Diva" singing brought a smile to my face; a perfect start my day.

  8. That last photo made me laugh - Sophie looks as though she's reaching for the high notes.

  9. 🎼 Oh what a beau- ti- full morning . . . 🎼 sings Sophie!