Sunday, November 6, 2016

Good marketing ?

Bob, who used to sleep downstairs next to his sister, now sleeps upstairs . Here he is equidistant between Sophie and his owners. If Sophie squeaks in the night Bob rushes in to tell us. Every morning as I emerge Bob is there to greet me. We have a brief Mano a Mano chat. Every morning he then escorts me downstairs and waits until his sister is let out of her pen.

It pours with rain all day. Sophie is thankfully in a fixed routine when it comes to comfort breaks. This makes life much easier. A dog owners delight at this simple state of affairs is something non dog owners could never understand.

While Sophie is groomed and fussed over Bob and Angus head off to the greengrocers. There was a time, not so long ago, when this would have been considered a chore. Now dog and master saunter past the new products commenting on what's exotic and what's not.

Today a shipment of Chanterelles.

Next to them some mushrooms with blue stems. The sort of things that if you saw them growing in a woodland you'd studiously avoid picking. 

Blue feet. Seems an apt description. We stick with the Chanterelles.

We should have been in Washington for the elections. This morning an e-mail from the 24th St. hotel we planned to stay in saying they're sorry about the cancellation but hope that our '' sheepdogs legs are healing ". Good corporate marketing or a dog lover on the reservations desk who remembers the reason for the cancellation ? 


  1. The hotel's message is sweet, whatever its origin. And with loyal Bob, and with Sophies comfort break routine in place, and with the restful delights of trips to the greengrocer, who needs the hysteria that Tuesday night in Washington D.C. will inevitably bring anyway? Angus, you are well off where you are.

  2. No sleeping here on Nov. 8. Actually, the insomnia from worry has been building, so I guess I'm in training for the 8th. Maybe I should be reviewing French verb conjugations in case I have to apply for citizenship/asylum.

  3. I open up your blog this morning and what do I see?....Golden apples (Prune/pomme de Cythere)...I can't believe it.
    Here I am wondering where I am going to source a few golden apples since my neighbour cut his tree down and over in deepest deepest France profonde golden apples abound....I should be so lucky.
    Try them out can purchase about four, they make a lovely juice. There is a big spiny seed inside, so carefully cut off chunks of the fruit and process in a food processor...pour hot water on the puree and leave for about an hour. After that strain and add sugar, angostura bitters to taste and enjoy.
    So nice of the hotel clerk to remember about Sophie, it's these small details that make you return again and again.
    Believe me you won't be missing anything extra special by not being in the US for the viewing is good enough for this 2016 election farce.
    You may be safer far away from the insanity.
    Happy Sunday to you all!

    1. Tomorrow morning Bob and his master will buy a kilo of Golden Apples !

    2. Check my blog post if you have any problems.

  4. I'd take a gentle stroll with two delightful PON's and the chance to buy three or four Golden Apples any day of the week over Washington on election day. However, each to his own.

  5. Somehow I would have felt safer knowing you were in DC for the elections! The level of anxiety in our house and community is off the charts. On FB, there is a group called Pantsuit Nation. The replacement for men in dark suits??? Gentle scritches to the diva; many attaboys to Bob; and love to you all on this fraught weekend.

    1. As of Sunday morning, Pantsuit Nation was more than a million strong, and growing. Incredible stories of personal courage from women recounting some of the dark events in their lives and explaining why they're With Her. Lots of misogyny to overcome.

  6. The blue-stemmed mushrooms are disturbing.