Tuesday, November 29, 2016

An unusual destination for a holiday ?

You wouldn't know it from this pre-breakfast photograph but Sophie is making great progress. She's finished her course of antibiotics. The vet has prescribed some soothing lotion to ease her discomfort which makes life ( for both dog and family ) much easier - and quieter. The difficulty will be keeping her calm until the bone surgery heals. She is already displaying signs of wanting to chase the cats that wander into the garden.

Bob can't fathom out what's happened to his sister. This second leg is having more of an impact on his well being than the first.

Pilgrims are observed and , if they get too close to the gate, barked at.

Across the lane The Old Farmers Christmas Star, a feature of life in the village, has developed problems. He's taken it down in order to install new bulbs. In doing so he's discovered that the stars metal frame is rusting through. There is talk of 'welding'.

The Old Farmer informs me that he's thinking of taking a winter break in the Ivory Coast. There has been no indication of any interest in, or relationship to, the Ivory Coast in previous conversations. For an Anglo-Saxon this part of Africa an unusual destination for a holiday. Angus wants to ask if the Belgian lady would be accompanying him but thinks better of it.

And here's something very beautiful performed in the Ecole Militaire in Paris and conducted by a man who clearly loves what he's doing. A good start to a Tuesday morning :


  1. So glad a solution has been found to ease Sophie's discomfort. Poor Bob, it's impossible to explain to our pets, exactly what's going on, and he must be feeling very confused, but we hope he doesn't think it's something he's done.
    If the Old Farmer is planning to "winter" on the Ivory Coast, will you be tasked with replacing any new bulbs needed in the Christmas Star?

  2. Continuing best wishes to both Pons. Thanks for link. Sublime.

  3. I long adhered to the practice of a winter break in Africa. Nothing like a dose of equatorial sunshine in the depths of January or February. Somehow I don't think the Old Farmer will be backpacking. Has he found a package deal?
    The concert is just the thing. Thank you!
    Bisous to Sophie!!

    1. Surely he won't be going in the venerable motor home !

  4. The music combined with the news that Sophie is doing so well make for an excellent start to Tuesday.
    One assumes that the Old Farmer is not planning a road trip to the Cote d'Ivoire?

  5. Another thank you for that gorgeous music. Poor Bob does look a bit bleary-eyed in that second photo. Surely the Old Farmer wouldn't make that trip without the company of the Belgian Lady. Actually, I'd be willing to wager that it was her idea.

  6. A good way to start a Wednesday morning, too!

  7. Continuing wishes for the diva's now much-soothed recovery and for Bob's sister-love anxieties. And of course for the Font and Angus as they weather this upsetting PON world.

  8. So happy to hear Sophie is feeling better! Maybe this will translate into Bob feeling better, sweet little fellow. Your music selection was greatly appreciated!

  9. Happy to hear Sophie's recovery is on track. And very happy she was given lotion for her skin. No need to have any discomfort when it can be helped. Prayers for our dear girl continue.
    Maybe the O.F. Is referring to a resort area HE calls the Ivory Coast and not the country in Africa. His previous adventures have been in his motor home. Seems a bit out of character. The cell phone will be a must.