Monday, November 28, 2016

Rare and expensive.

The hunting dogs have been out early. Bob is put on his lead to stop him giving chase. He is completely lost in an olfactory world of his own. Too busy following scents to even notice his old friends the donkeys.  

Sophie is carried outside and deposited , in the sunshine, by the front door. The treatment a TB sufferer would have been given in the 1920's. Angus is of the opinion that fresh air also works for bad legs. Sophie is happy to be in a spot where everyone coming into the house has to say 'hello'. This morning she receives a tickle and a chat from The Old Farmer and the little lady with the purple hat.

Bob and Angus, on their way back from the Sunday rugby lunch and match, notice that the concrete facing has fallen off one of the old houses in the little market town. Behind the concrete the brick and wood facade of a perfect 15th century townhouse.

The stone lintels of two arches can still be seen. Stone is a scarce ( and expensive ) commodity in these parts.

Sophie goes to the vets on Tuesday to have her stitches removed. At the senior vets suggestion she's booked in at 7.30. ' That way it'll be quieter for her and for the patients that come a little later '.

Bob continues to have a lots of displacement therapy to stop him worrying about his sister.

Just another quiet Monday morning in deepest, deepest France profonde. It's going to be both warm and dry. A beautiful day lies ahead.


  1. The picture of the donkeys all lined up and watching Bob is wonderful! Sophie looks quite relaxed - I am curious whether she will have forgotten her recent animus against the vets when she visits them on Tuesday.

  2. Yes, I love the donkeys, too. The timbered house is interesting. I've been told the stucco is to keep humidity out of the house, at least for stone houses (east of Toulouse the houses are mostly stone rather than brick and timber).
    Yesterday Meteo France promised a cloudless day for today. We woke up to fog so thick we can't see across the garden. Enjoy your warm weather. I hope it helps soothe Sophie.

  3. Same here, the line of donkeys raised a smile. Were they waiting to have a chat with Bob about how his little sister is? They can probably hear her. Another early start for you tomorrow - hope all goes well.

  4. What wonderful photos! Does it cost a fortune to restore one of those old houses? I live in New Zealand and there's virtually nothing pre-1900. Wood was the main building material and of course it gets renovated beyond recognition, burnt, or rots! And if it's brick, shaken down in the earthquakes! I do hope tomorrow goes smoothly.

  5. In this household too, we believe in fresh air as a cure all.
    How was the rugby club lunch?

  6. Even if it does nothing for the body, fresh air is certainly restorative for the spirit.
    Days seem to be passing quickly. Is it really time for suture removal already? Love and prayers for Sophie.

  7. What an incredible show of history in that old building! So fantastic.

    I love the photo of the donkeys looking at Bob! I think you are right, fresh air does the soul (and anything else that ails you) a world of good.

  8. Sophie looks so wee at the doorstep. Your comment recalled photos of my grandmother, who had tuberculosis, resting in a chair in the sunshine - this in the mid 1930's. She was 39 when she died. Wonderful pictures all.

  9. I'm becoming quite fond of those donkeys. Are they someone's pets? Or are they farm animals, pulling plows?
    Hope all went well with Sophie's encore vet visit.

  10. Love the donkey photo. Wonder what they are thinking. Perhaps they assume Bob must have found carrots to be so engrossed.

    Sophie looks delicate, and sweet.

  11. Hoping for Sophie, that when the stitches are removed, she will be more comfortable. Sophie's picture by the front door gives her a special job as greeter! I am fascinated to see what was under the stucco on the old town house. Bob did seem to have a very busy morning. Loved the donkeys lined up for their morning chat!