Saturday, November 10, 2018

A video popular in France tonight

A video popular in France tonight. Wonder why ? :


  1. It was a good speech, and I am envious of Canada's leader - Justin Trudeau is intelligent and articulate, rational, less prone to emotional hysterics and acting on impulse, unlike president Trump. He seems more predictable and consistent in policy making as well. Canadians and allies alike can figure out where they are going, and be right a good portion of the time -- I miss the days when the US could say the same.

    1. And he goes to commemorations no matter what the weather. Perhaps todays cancellation of a visit to the Aisne war graves hasn't been commented on back at home ?

    2. Yes, it has. It again speaks volumes about him. How sad and pathetic that our fair-weathered-leader didn't attend, because of the weather. Chief of Staff General John Kelly and General Dunford who did attend instead are truly men of honor and have respect for those who made the ultimate sacrifice, unlike our president, who shows time and time again that he does not.

  2. Hari Om
    A point subtly made whilst remaining 'en pointe'. As Kim says - the man has style. YAM xx

  3. not commented on at home? Oh, Angus, do look at the electric twitter machine. It's been positively fizzling.
    In addition to M. Trudeau's lovely speech from a year ago, I saw that Francois Hollande eschewed un parapluie and stood bareheaded in the rain while he spoke. Nicholas Soames said it well: "inadequate" and "pathetic".