Monday, November 26, 2018

Dodgy consistency.

A bright but chilly morning. While Bob heads off for a power walk round the lake with 'The Font' , Angus and Sophie prepare for a tour of the village.

A brisk walk to the end of the ridge where the tree line tapers out and the wind blows unhindered. Then a detour through the recently ploughed sunflower field. The ploughing has thrown up all sorts of exciting scents so our rate of forward progress slows - considerably. Sophie digs for moles. She also chews dried sunflower heads and leaps in and out of piles of crackly leaves. If Sophie can't make mischief she'll find it. 'Imp' might have been a better name for her.

Then back along the lane to the storm drain where we sit and discuss the Straits of Kerch and 'radical environmentalists'. Angus waves at the French teacher as she heads off to school in her Nissan Qashqai. We also acknowledge the drainage engineers son in his little black Mercedes and the retired farmer in the green Toyota Land Cruiser with the manic Westie that throws itself , snarling, against the back window as he passes us by. We look at the donkeys in the field below. Even at this distance Sophie's nose twitches which is perhaps an indication that the donkeys carry a pungent odour.

The angelic duo are reunited for a trip to the bakers. We take the gamble that after a busy weekend and the use of tear gas the protesters will be taking Monday off. Today's cake counter offerings are enlivened with small pink roses. They look as if they're plastic but perhaps they're edible ? We briefly consider an Opera but on closer inspection it looks more like a chocolate brick. Something not quite right about the consistency.

Most of Latin America is East of Florida :


Anonymous said...

ANGUS.......some time ago I highly recommended CANNELES (a Bordeaux specialty) to you.......and you did promise to "keep them in mind."
Well......there they were! An entire tray full of them. Just waiting for you to purchase several. I assume that none of the CANNELES were brought home to the ROF today. Delicious missed opportunity. Maybe next will not be sorry. From the Westcoast of Canada.

Emm said...

That yellow cake looks ... interesting. Although, oops, yellowcake is something else altogether.
I remember going to Lima and being surprised that the west coast of South America was on New York time.

Poppy Q said...

Mmmm the baker seems rather lacking in inspiration. We agree with avoiding the brick.

Charlotte said...

None of those desserts are appealing at all.
Sometimes they have some that I would like to try. None of the above would I buy.
Maybe tomorrow will be a better day for the bakers and what they decide to bake.