Saturday, November 3, 2018

Saturday morning and all is well.

6:00 am and it's cold outside. Their master is a little sleepy but the PONs are up and ready for great adventures. Their impatience to get the day started is palpable.

Loic arrives to blow leaves. This he does all morning. Bob and Sophie follow on behind leaping in and out of the leaf piles. Sometimes Sophie will turn on her back and squeal with delight. Loic, being one of Gods happy people, is oblivious to the presence of the two shaggy gardening iconoclasts that follow on behind and 'undo' his work.

Raspberries in the supermarket. We used to grow raspberries in Scotland. The taste of these ones aren't the same but in November who's complaining ?

Difficult to work out what the baker is up to. The kiwi and mandarin flan makes a reappearance as does an enormous Paris-Brest that could feed a dozen. There is also an enormous Opera.

The concrete has now set on the repositioned and repaired Swaying Jesus. Angus can't help but think that the failure to support it while the new concert was poured was a mistake. The forward tilt must be at least 10 degrees. The pressure exerted by the down beam against the brickwork at the back of the statue can't be much less than it was before.

Monsieur Bay stops by to tell us Madame Bay has been into the local hospital out patient department for a small knee operation. Something to do with misplaced cartilage. The nurse gave her a local anesthetic. Minutes later the surgeon called her in. As he made the first incision Madame Bay made it quite clear that she could still feel everything. She was given something stronger ( enough to knock out a mule says Monsieur Bay - a tad ungallantly ) to stop her screaming and is now home and doing knee 'exercises'. '' She's a difficult patient " adds Monsieur Bay.


WFT Nobby said...

The village surely wouldn't be The same with a stable and upright Jesus.

WFT Nobby said...

For the sake of both Monsieur and Madame Bay, I wish the latter a speedy recovery.

potty said...

A forward tilt is OK, but 10deg to the rear or a side would be unacceptable.

Poppy Q said...

I love Raspberries - there season is all too short. It is a pity the baker is not using them. His cakes are a bit uninspiring this week.

I would find it hard to be dragged out of bed each morning as the weather gets worse. In summer it would be fine. I guess that you must not mind, it is the price of living with two dogs. Luckily my cat walks herself.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
I bought raspberries this morning. They are okay. Ish. Can't help wondering that a non-swaying Swaying Jesus will affect the appeal... YAM xx

Emm said...

It looks as if not only the statue but the entire base has a forward tilt. Or perhaps that's the camera angle?
I wish Madame Bay a fast and full recovery. Knees can hurt!