Thursday, November 8, 2018

Little change.

We're up early talking to men in dark suits. Rarely has a press conference been so discussed and analyzed. Bob and Sophie snore, almost quietly, under the desk as I talk about how 'reviews' by an 'acting' AG can last forever.

The water company has almost finished laying the new drainage pipes into the field that was blasted by the August mini tornado. Bob is still entirely engrossed in what the workmen are up to. Thankfully, today, they're at the far end of the field.

The Peruvian oranges in the greengrocers aren't selling. Hardly surprising as they're small, bruised and green. The price has been reduced to E0.99 a kilo. If that isn't inducement enough a sign has gone up informing would be purchasers that despite their rustic appearance  they are '' sweeter than traditional varieties ".

On the way back to the Volvo and the patiently waiting PONs I notice a rather 'architectural ' tree.

Christmas goodies make an appearance in the supermarket.

Bob, Angus and Sophie stop on the way home for a walk along the old ox track that wends its way down from the ridge to the Holy well.  The Holm Oaks still green but the beeches and elms turning yellow. The low winter sun casting long shadows. There are fewer trees that there would have been and the fields are larger but otherwise this view can't have changed much in a thousand years .

Macron starts a week of Armistice memorials with the German President at a  concert in Strasbourg. Madame Macron is looking good. The German President will be in London with the Queen on the 11th :

This light show in Notre Dame is nothing short of stunning. Perhaps we'll go next year ? :

And the British Ambassador has been out selling Poppies at the station :


  1. The light show is amazing.
    Among legal friends, there is some commentary that the appointment of this replacement as AG is illegal, that there is a clear line of succession, and he ain't in it. We shall see.
    The Peruvian oranges don't look all that bad. Although they're probably tired after such a long journey.

    1. Glad you like the light show. Your friends may be right but in the meantime there's a long process of clarifying the issue during which time the investigation is in limbo. There are of course those who believe it needs to go to SCOTUS to be resolved. Wonder what would happen there ?

    2. We do live in interesting times.

  2. Thank you for the light show. The secret garden gave me goosebumps.
    People reject produce that isn't perfect, even though the ugly stuff tastes better because the flavor hasn't been bred out of it in favor of pretty colors or shapes. The best tomatoes, for sure, are the most deformed ones.
    Do you know the work of Brooke Harrington, the economics professor who writes about the ultra rich? She explains how the ultra rich don't consider laws to apply to them. So expect more blatant disregard of the law from the billionaire in chief. What's worrisome is what one supporter told me: "We have the guns and will use them."

    1. Interesting to learn that under the administrations recent tax code the first $22m of inheritance tax for each child is 'sheltered' ie zero rated.

  3. We would pass on the oranges and the kinder Christmas.

    What a wonderful show at Notre Dame. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hari Om
    The Peruvian ones look much like the Indian ones - which are absolutely delicious... as was that light show. YAM xx

  5. That press conference was such a shocking display of arrogance that it was difficult to listen to but impossible to turn off.
    It will be interesting to see what Adam Schiff, soon to be Chairman of House Intel, has up his sleeve. And what will Rod Rosenstein do now? Such intrigue, so many questions....
    Echoing what others have said about the light show. And, yes, Madame Macron is looking very good.

  6. I have an interesting video for you - looked for a way to send it to you privately but couldn't find a way - I'll link you to it if you can contact me at my email address. I think you will want to include it in another posting.

  7. I lived in Papua New Guinea for years and always rejected the fresh locally grown green skinned citrus for sale in the local markets in favour of the older somewhat limp imported orange oranges in the stores. Wrong! Oranges from tropical climes aren't orange. franinoz