Friday, November 30, 2018

La simplicete est la sophistication supreme.

We're sitting on the storm drain watching the sun rise when the young garagiste drives by in his little black Citroen with the raspy exhaust and heavily tinted windows. He slams on the brakes and reverses. In the early morning half light the reversing lights shine brightly. It seems he's getting married in the town hall on December 15th. We are invited. '' It's going to be a small affair. Just family and friends " he says. I wonder why he should invite us but put the thought to the back of my mind. The reception will be in the truly hideous local restaurant. '' No expense spared " he adds. ' Indeed not ' I reply with what , hopefully, sounds like conviction.

We have found a new cleaning lady. A down to earth French woman. She will do three hours on a Tuesday and three hours on a Thursday afternoon. Seems that she is fully booked up but one of her clients has just died. After helping the bereaved family get everything ship shape she'll start at The Rickety Old Farmhouse in the New Year. 'The Font' takes the view that anyone who is booked up as heavily must be good. The new cleaner suggests she starts her morning stint at seven thirty. This is fine by us. PON owners are not late risers .

The Old Farmer takes out the venerable Mercedes and proceeds down the lane at a stately pace. He stops and winds down the window. '' You should know the mayor has had a bad diagnosis on his stomach. A very bad diagnosis ". Before I can ask what all this means he's raised the window and driven off.

At the bakers this morning a radical departure from our usual routine. A croissant for me and a vienoisserie for the angelic duo,. They also get their usual curly bits from the end of the croissant. Bob looks at me with the happiness of a gourmet PON. La simplicete est la sophistication supreme.


  1. Hari om
    The elegance of less is more seeps through my screen this morning... and followers are now alerted to impending joy but also of potential sadness in their favourite wee place. YAM xx

  2. The sunrise this morning is spectacular.
    Here, we are living in hope and expectation that the young garagiste's wedding will prove a rich source of material for this blog.
    Best of luck with the new cleaning lady, and best wishes to the Mayor.
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Looking forward to reports on the wedding, and fingers crossed for the mayor.

  4. It must make you feel that you truly belong getting such invitations. Please do go and take photos for us - we would love to see pictures of the locals.

    Good luck with the new cleaning lady. We hope that she works out for you.

    Lovely sunrise. Must be some rubbish weather on the way.

  5. After a week in more or less an internet desert, it's nice to be back in the village. Bob's looking fine but still with an unbalanced muzzle I notice. Perhaps he needs a slight trim on the long side so the shorter one can catch up.
    Sad news about the mayor. He and his wife have had a rough couple of years. It makes sense to me that you and 'The Font' would be invited to the wedding. Better watch out or you might be elected mayor when and if the need arises.

  6. Oh, no - poor Mayor and Mrs. Mayor :( Wishing them the best...

  7. Beautiful sunrise! Sending prayers for the mayor.

  8. So sorry to hear about the mayor's bad stomach diagnosis. Hopefully it will not be too dire.

  9. I am also thinking of the Mayor and his wife. Please keep us posted of his condition.

  10. That is a glorious sunrise. As with the others, I am hoping for the best for the Mayor.