Sunday, December 1, 2019

Test marketing.

Sophie's trip to the rugby match lasted forty minutes. She liked the hot dog caravan but was less keen on the crowd ( if you can call thirty a crowd ) and was decidedly unimpressed by the half hearted shouting. She sat in stony silence when introduced to the local team. The young sapeur pompier and the gendarme from Ste Etienne treated with icy disdain. Sophie is returning to normal. Although the rugby was  a partial success it proves that ' a busy bee has no time for sorrow '.

A cold piercing wind this morning. Our break of day tour of the garden conducted amid a blizzard of falling leaves. In its own way this is quite remarkable.

The squeaker in the ginger furry rabbit continues to emit its blood curdling screech. On most toys the squeaker gives up or is destroyed within minutes. Not with this one. Someone at Guangzhou Dog Toy Factory No 16 clearly has a thing about dog owners. After our pre-dawn tour of the garden Sophie signals that she is ready for a bout of throw the furry ginger rabbit.

Off to the cafe. The croissants aren't ready yet. We have to make do with a chocolatine. Getting chocolate free pastry means that Sophie has to have slivers torn off the top. She seems more than happy with this equitable arrangement.

In the local paper an article about a new restaurant specializing in Japanese style Sushi Rolls. Angus, perhaps cynically,  wonders how much test marketing has been done on the residents of deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. Not bad if she managed 40 minutes of the rugby. We took Cherry to a track meet once and she made it exactly until the moment the starter's pistol fired. Best of luck to the sushi roll team!

  2. So glad to hear that Sophie seems to be "moving along"! Hoping and praying that Angus and The Font find solace in Sophie's improvement. I have to say a sushi restaurant in the south west of France seems a rather strange marketing decision. Between even the very sushi roll and a salade of g├ęsiers de canard, I know what I would choose!!!!

  3. By the way, I pulled up my Christmas music playlist yesterday for the first time this year, and the first thing on it is a version of the Wexford Carol that you linked last year. You are probably not yet feeling the holiday spirit given your sad loss of the Family Fellow, but I do hope you will send us some lovely music again this year.

  4. Hari OM
    Sophie, methinks you are managing marvellously... and a return to routines for all must surely be soothing. Blessed 1st Advent to you at the ROF. YAM xx

  5. You have quite the library there.

    I love sushi occasionally, but I wonder what the locals will think of the new restaurant?

  6. Bailey Bob Southern DogDecember 1, 2019 at 7:36 PM

    I am proud of Sophie’s 40 minute rugby match attendance! Perhaps she was overwhelmed by this unfamiliar adventure. I have an idea: maybe invite a couple of rugby players to run and throw the ball in your yard ( home field advantage), while you and Sophie watch. You could occasionally yell encouragement and clap! After a short period of time, the players could sit with you and Sophie, beer and treats in hand, with the ball on the ground in front of Sophie. A calmer introduction to rugby, with side benefits ( treats ) for Sophie. Just a thought . . .

  7. Sounds like Sophie isn't letting her standards slip.

  8. So proud of Sophie! I worried about taking our diva/ crab apple to the Boston Marathon early this year...our daughter who lives in Austin, TX was running. Lola surprised us by being adorably friendly to all and loving the noise. Who knew?
    Will you try her again to see if she likes it better when she recognizes her adoring fans and the hot dog staff?