Tuesday, February 9, 2021


Wonderful, life affirming, scents on the grass this morning. Fox, badger, deer ? 'The Font' looks at Sophie rolling around on the grass, legs in the air, eyes closed, tail waving from side to side and quotes an obscure Swedish saint ' If we saw an angel clearly, we should die of pleasure'. Sophie's behaviour is once again demonstrating that she sees things humans can't.

More rain overnight. The log that floated down the stream , and was the object of yesterdays sniffathon , now completely covered . Sophie  approaches the stream cautiously but decides that today is a good day for drinking precariously from the waters edge. Go figure.

A military helicopter flies overhead. It circles round us no less than three times as we're heading back up the hill. It gets close enough for me to be able to see into the cockpit. The crew must have decided that this man and his dog aren't worthy of any further investigation. They head off. Sophie ignores it. 

'The Old Farmer ' shows up in the venerable Mercedes. He's been away since he was here for his first Pfizer jab a couple of weeks ago. It's his 90th birthday on Friday. He wanted to have a big party to celebrate but those plans, like so many others, have had to be put on hold. I walk across the lane with a boxed bottle of Bollinger and place it on the bonnet of the car. His face lights up. Someone has remembered. I note that he now takes a long time to get out of the car. We conduct a brief , socially distanced, conversation from across the lane.



  1. If I reach the age of 90, am driving around in my own car, and have kind neighbours who bring me round a bottle of champagne to celebrate, I think I'll be content, no matter it takes a while to climb in and out of said vehicle. Cheers! Gail.

  2. Miserable but dry day here too, our sky is the same colour as yours. We've already been into town to check for post, to the supermarket, the German Bakery for some still warm croissants, a piece of heavenly chocolate cake (to be shared!) and for our morning walk! Now it's time to make a decision between clearing up the recent Sahara sand storm in the garden or long overdue paperwork!
    Agree with Gail, fantastic to reach the Old Farmer's age - will he now be known as the Very Old Farmer?

  3. I also agree with Gail, he's quite something and I hope he will be able to enjoy a belated blowout in the not-to-distant future.

  4. Hari OM
    TOF will just have to have a knees up for his ninety first instead... (unless, of course, we've reached another level of separateness due to disease... Yeech.. ) YAM xx

  5. Lovely gesture on your (plural) part. Here's hoping he is in as good condition as the venerable Mercedes looks to be.