Thursday, February 11, 2021


Angus has to talk to a group of academics in Charlottesville. Early for me, late for them. All of the academics have 'extravagant'  beards and one of them looks just like a picture post card Father Christmas. 'The Font' says we've been to Charlottesville . If so it must have been a long time ago and its charms have faded from my memory. Sophie lies under the desk until the conversation ends. Then it's a brisk  'Good morning!' accompanied by a waving tail. Sophie has a way of making  it clear she's ready to get the day started.

When Angus goes back into the house to get the car keys she follows him in. He receives the full on, non-verbal, 'What's keeping you ?  You'd forget your head if it wasn't screwed on ! ' look. 

Blue skies to the West. Solid cloud to the East and overhead.

It is also windy and decidedly chilly. Neither of these bother a well coiffed PONette. They do however make the PONettes companion pick up his pace.

This is being tried in the kitchen today :


  1. Decidedly chilly in Aberdeen too. Minus 14 degrees C right now. An extravagant beard might come in handy. As might a slide of Nigella's cake.

  2. That cake looks like it could do some waistine damage! The household has only just finished off the over large rich Xmas cake and decided cake had better be off the menu for a week or two. Maybe we'll give it a go for the birthday events in March.

  3. It does look chilly there. Our mornings are getting darker so it must be lightening up for your morning walks.

    We made the baked feta tiktok pasta for dinner - very nice. Your cake sounds tasty too.

  4. Sophie does look highly-motivated today! The carrot cake recipe looks good - we may try it.

  5. Sophie has that determined look about her as she strides out. No doubt she's in a hurry to get back to the kitchen and oversee the baking. Sadly the cake would be too much temptation and do untold damage to my waistline, but I'll await your verdict with interest, Angus.
    Cloudless clear blue sky here this morning, sunny and unseasonably warm, so ideal for a day spent pottering in the garden.

  6. That is a recipe I might try. Please post a photo and review, (from you and The Font) how the cake is and let us all know if Sophie gets any crumbs!

  7. Hari Om
    I am deliberately NOT going to look at the recipe, given other comments and that my own waistline is already severely challentged due to the static nature of lockdown. That last shot of a windswept Sophie is delightful. YAM xx

  8. Looks wonderful! I will do it, but freeze 3/4 of it, seperated by parchment. That way we don’t have to feel guilty about just a slice! Thank you.