Sunday, February 7, 2021

Out of fashion

Sophie's hair continues to grow as if it's going out of fashion. There's a beard and muzzle trim in the PONettes future.

None of this bothers Sophie who heads off to the edge of the river in search of adventure. She finds three plastic Evian bottles which promise great excitement but turn out to be 'just' empty Evian bottles.

Another funeral in the village yesterday. There are 'problems' at the old folks home. More cars. Probably another hundred or so mourners. A line of folk, cheek by jowl, stretching from the car park into the churchyard and all the way round the church. While they wait someone plays tunes on an accordion.  Locals have always said goodbye to their neighbours in this way and it seems a pandemic ain't going to change things.  The term super spreader comes to mind.  On his way to oversee things the new, nocturnal, mayor sees 'The Font' in the garden and shouts out the encouraging news that he followed the 'small' Volvo down the hill yesterday and none of the rear lights are working. This is something we were unaware of.

Super Bowl Sunday advert. 2020 a 'Lemon' of a year :

A brave hotelier trying to open in a pandemic. A new hotel in Windsor :


WFT Nobby said...

Did Angus enjoy the rugby yesterday? It seems so sad that when Scotland beat England at Twickenham for the first time in a generation, there are no supporters present to witness the event.

Coppa's girl said...

Oh no! - you'll have to run the gauntlet of the apathetic Volvo garage again. Another three months to repair the lights?
Evian bottles half filled with water are great fun - they have a mind of their own!

Lisa in Tokyo said...

I always look forward to the Super Bowl commercials, but it seems that some of them are a bit weird this year. For some indeterminable reason, I deeply resent Sam Adams' attempt to co-opt the Budweiser Clydesdales. The new hotel in Windsor looks beautiful, and I hope we can visit someday. We visited Windsor three years ago and stayed in the Sir Christopher Wren hotel, which was lovely and easy to get lost in. It wasn't a very successful visit, however, because of some teenage angst stuff going on, so I am hoping for a do-over.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
I too was wondering at the rugby going by unmentioned... an historic win and soundly done. We ran rings round the English - almost literally! Just need to keep up that standard for the rest of the tournament. Sounds like there may be a few more 'super spreader' events in the small village if the 'problems' at the home are in any way related to the 'problems' of the rest of the world at the moment. Deary me... YAM xx

Camille said...

I really enjoyed the "lemon of a year ad" and agree with Lisa that many of the other SB commercials are quite strange this year. The hotel in Windor is so very beautiful and left me longing to travel. Feels like we'll never get back to the UK for a visit. The airline continues to allow us to "covid" bump our tickets forward every six months, so hope remains. Regarding the Volvo tail lights?...Well, my thoughts are not ladylike or printable.

Sheila said...

Pretty dangerous not to have rear lights working especially when it comes to braking. Better check out your turn signal lights in the front too. Good luck on the grooming table, dear Sophie.

Ranger said...

Sophie - you are such a trendsetter. I love your fabulous face and da light breaking thru the clouds, by da river is so hopeful.