Tuesday, February 2, 2021

The prodigal returns.

We drove it for eight weeks before the transmission melted. Now, after  ten weeks in the repair shop, the dog car has finally returned.

The garage sends a letter ( dated the 21st but postmarked the 29th )  to say the car has been repaired and that there is no need for any further discussion on the matter. As far as they are concerned the case is closed. We are required to immediately come and collect the car as it's taking up space in their lot.  They've run rings around our lawyers. By dragging things out and delaying our claim for more than 60 days the consumer protections fall away - completely. There was method in their omerta like silence. To challenge them would require a court case that might take at least 18 months to hear. You live and learn.

The insurance company ( thank heavens we maintained the contract while the errant car was away ) arranges to collect the vehicle from the dealership. When it arrives, late in the afternoon, the delivery driver parks it outside the church. We'll start work on getting it sanitized after breakfast this morning. Angus will write - again - to the Volvo Chief Executive with the observation that his after sales service is 'unique' - but not in a good way.

Sophie is about to start flying coach again after a long time in the capacious big car. Those white carpet can now be cleaned.

 And all the best for this lady. She has a busy 6 months ahead of her :https://twitter.com/BWoodward_UN/status/1356283161962016769


  1. It is still a very good-looking car - I recall thinking so when you first described the color as - I think it was "porridge"? Hopefully, it will live a long and trouble-free second life and Sophie will adapt.

  2. I join Lisa in wishing you a trouble free future with the dog car, and may Sophie enjoy many happy post-lockdown trips to cafes where croissant ends are forthcoming.

  3. Hari Om
    ...as that the XC90? Apparently, commonly reported with transmission issues and sometimes more than once. I add my wishes for fair driving from now on!!! YAM xx

    1. That was a terrible article! Terrible car, not the writing. I'm actually surprised that Volvo would release such a vehicle upon a market that expects quality and safety based on their reputation. No Volvos for me, ever.

  4. A brief comment on their facebook page might be a good idea, the trick with the 60 day issue might be helpful to other customers if nothing else. Fingers crossed that you have trouble free motoring from now on!

  5. Are you sure it's the same car? It looks white to me, rather than the slightly murky porridge colour you originally described. Wishing you trouble free motoring from now on. Perhaps an extra treat or two will somewhat placate Sophie for once again having to ride coach!