Friday, February 26, 2021

Alert !

Bad hair day alert ! In fact a mega bad hair day alert !

Some days a major grooming isn't planned. This morning plans change. Sophie has chosen to follow a scent through, rather than round, the ceanothus bushes outside the church. She is hoisted onto the garden table for an emergency, post walk, brushing. Angus once again informs her she's a walking advert for short haired breeds. He is ignored.

So much remains unknown but 70,000 ? :

The Scream yields up its secrets :

Can't think I've ever, knowingly, had Korean food. The number of restaurant operating Korean expats in Scotland a small demographic.  This sounds like winter food :


  1. I was thinking "windswept" until I read your explanation. Korean food can be very good - it's very popular in Japan, and we must have 25 different Korean restaurants in our neighborhood, mostly "yakiniku" Korean barbecue places.

  2. Gail says - Sophie, join the mega bad hair day club. And the latest is that hairdressers won't open here before end April...
    Isn't kimchi a compulsory part of all Korean meals?

  3. Have you thought about trying a different hairstyle, Sophie? That might solve the problem! You could wear rollers and just take them out for a special occasion....but you'd probably lose most of them if you go through a hedge! How about tie it up in ribbons...or maybe you could get Angus to use some gel - and go punk?

  4. Hari OM
    Korean restaurants are plentiful and popular in Australia, so I did partake there - don't know that I have seen any here in the Bonny Land, though a quick go-ogle just now revealed at least nine in Glasgow!

    Spohie, I just took three inches off my mop and it's still longer than yours and this morning you would have thought I too had been through a hedge!!! YAM xx

  5. Seeing Sophie makes me feel better about my own bad hair days!