Monday, February 22, 2021

An unreported success.

A morning to fill the lungs with fresh air and stride out purposefully . Both Sophie and her master are ever so slightly sleep deprived. Angus because the wind was so strong it forced one of the shutters in the drawing room open at 3:26 am. Sophie because three of the village cats decided to shelter from the wind by the front door. Having returned to bed after sorting the shutter Angus is called upon to deal with the errant cats. Can Sophie smell them through the thick wooden front door ? Or, can she hear them ?  She is told that there's no way anyone is heading out to deal with the C-A-T-S in the middle of a gale . 

The UK plans to have vaccinated it's entire population by the summer. Here in France the roll out continues at a leisurely pace. So far a third of over 75's have been vaccinated. When asked when we might be eligible the receptionist as the medical centre informs us that ' You'll probably get it this year', Meanwhile in the US Walmart and Sam's Club will start vaccinating at more than 5,000 new locations. These American and UK successes  are not reported on  French breakfast radio .

A morning free of calls to men in dark suits. This means Sophie has my undivided attention. Down by the waterside she sees Mozart the amorous, if ageing, Spaniel. Her tail tells me this is an encounter she could do without.  Some dogs she's happy to see. Others she disdains. Poor Mozart falls into this second category. Go figure.

At home there's time to clean out 'The Fonts' yogurt pot before it's time for a deep and uninterrupted nap.

 So starts a windy Monday morning in deepest, deepest France profonde.

You may have to be a Brit to find this combination of video and voice over funny :


  1. Hari OM
    Being woken at 0326h suggests sleep was had, albeit short, by Angus' standards. Meanwhile this reader is still awaiting the roll in of slumber... sigh... so the entertainment of invented words and robot roots is a welcome distraction. AS is the sight of Sophie snoozerating! YAM xx

  2. Bertie says: Of course Sophie can smell the cats through the solid oak door!
    Gail is wondering how the men in dark suits are going to know what to think about the state of the world without their morning calls to the ROF.

  3. Poor Sophie looks exhausted in the last photo. Was it the extra exertion needed to clean out every millimetre of 'The Font's' yoghurt pot - or the disturbed beauty sleep at 3 a.m.? Enjoy your nap Sophie - those wretched C-A-T-S might be back again tonight!

    1. Sophie could win an Olympic medal in napping.

  4. Sophie's tail really does tell a tale today! And the napping shot is so pure PON, it brought tears to my eyes. Charlie also likes to nap, but his favorite spot is on top of the glass-topped coffee table, so it's quite a different concept.