Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sound of silence.

There is a time in the evening, roughly between seven thirty and eight thirty, when  absolute silence falls over the village. The six pm curfew means there are few cars about and the screeching owls haven't yet taken up their positions on the trees along the lane. This hour long window of calm is what village life must have been like a hundred years ago. How strange that the sound of silence should be the hallmark of this pandemic.

This morning Angus is on a Zoom call at first light. 'The Font' observes that the backdrop is of ' a bomb has just hit the house' variety. Today will be a day of 'decluttering'. The men in dark suits are unlikely to have noticed.

Sophie is in fine form.

Our corner of paradise is known for vacation house boat trips along its rivers and canals. This morning a house boat, the first of the season, is moored on the river bank. It's a modern and rather fancy minimalist affair. The folk on board are cooking bacon. Sophie feels this is carte blanche to wander over and say hello. Angus has to retrieve Sophie from the dockside while apologizing to the woman in the galley. Sophie does not leave 'quietly'.

The cherry trees also coming out in bloom. The world is getting its Mojo back.


  1. Bacon for breakfast on a houseboat in France profonde, with the pink of the cherry blossom beautifully set off by a clear blue sky.
    One can but dream...

  2. Hari OM
    Sophie definitely marching with purpose up there - and is there anything more uplifting after a hard winter than the sight of blossom against a pristine sky? YAM xx

  3. Bluehill Farm restaurant, while beautiful, has what seems an incredibly odd concept. One wonders if the shockingly expensive picnic basket arrangement is Covid inspired or if it has always been thus? Wonderful photos this morning of Miss Sophie and the lovely morning sunrise over that mirror like river.

  4. The rest of nature really doesn't care if humans are having it tough for a while. It's nice to know that most of the world remains dependable (and that bacon smells like bacon everywhere.....)

  5. The blossoms are a welcome sight, as is the thought of bacon in the morning -- Both are things that are totally eluding us right now!