Monday, October 3, 2022

To the vet.

Later this morning Sophie will have her first visit to a Scottish vet.  She's fine but the quarterly  'deer tick' medication is prescription only and the vet insists on seeing her.

On our start of day walk Sophie glares at one of the two pigeons that call the garden home. The pigeon sits on the fence and studiously ignores her. By the potato sheds we pause. The family diva is oblivious to a rainbow that's appeared over the golf course. She's much more interested in something that's rustling in the long grass. We see a lot of rainbows here. There's also a lot of small furry things that rustle in the long grass. 

Poppys and daises sprouting now the barley's been harvested. A lingering  touch of colour before the winter storms come hurtling down from Norway.

Sophie will need a thorough grooming before she sees the vet. The morning breeze has given her a 'svelte' look'  -  or that's what I tell her it is.

Pre-vet a chance for a napette. I doubt if the vet is anything like the wonderful vet we had in France. I just hope they're not the type that are owned by a private equity company that try to 'optimize' their workload.

The world of chocolate rabbits isn't all sweetness and light :

Different walks . His Trump is good :


Lisa in Tokyo said...

Oh, my - I bet you've scared all your readers with the title of today's post! Glad to know it is just a checkup and I hope the vet will be a good one. The photo of the flowers sprouting in the barley feel is beautiful. It's going to be interesting going through the year with you in your new location.

WFT Nobby said...

I do hope the vet visit goes well. My friend Kirsty, a retired vet, left the profession early in part due to disillusionment about how the business aspects of veterinary services in the UK are run these days. Our vet here in Aberdeen is not private equity owned, but the staff turnover is disturbingly high.

Poppy Q said...

I do hope your new vet is awesome.

Coppa's girl said...

The audacity of pigeons!
Yes, the header made me wonder if all was well with Sophie, but glad it's just for a check-up. Perhaps your new vet will be as sympathetic and caring as your French vet. Two qualities that are often sadly lacking in today's highly competitive and commercial world.
These days I can't get Inca into the car - she obviously remembers that the only outings she's had over the hot summer have been to the vet. Telling her we're going to the beach is met with a "you expect me to believe that?" look.

Travel said...

I hope things went well with the Vet. At home time I had a 20 page court opinion defining "chicken"pinned up in my office, lawyers can be so fun.

Sharon said...

Sophie I hope the Vet gave you some great Treats. The Trudeau impersonation was hilarious. He was a Drama Teacher at one time.

Sharon - Canada

rottrover said...

Angus and Sophie have met quite a few dogs since moving north. One of them may have a recommendation for Ms. Sophie. Quite a rainbow!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous rainbow. We changed vets after previous one lost our payment and also advised more procedures which our retired vet friend said were not necessary. The clinic had a definite we want your money corporate feel and no genuine warm and fuzzies. New vet is smaller office, much more compassionate staff and vets. I just have a hard time getting used to the “we’ve emailed the appointment time and your receipt to you”, “You need to use this portal to schedule an appointment or leave a message” aspect.

Kittypup said...

Small furry things that rustle in the grass? Could it be wee haggis scuttling around?