Sunday, December 4, 2022

Christmas song #1.


The family diva is a creature of habit. In the depths of winter she likes to sleep from ten at night until exactly six fifteen in the morning. She is also a night time 'wanderer'. This morning she wakes to find herself 'cut off' in the space between the drawing room curtains and the patio doors. She howls to let me know where she is and advise me that she needs to be rescued. An emotional reunion then follows.

The field in front of us (owned by one of the three brothers that inherited the farm from their father) has been ploughed all the way down to the sea. Each brother seems to have firm ideas of when the ploughing should be done . The eldest brother ploughed six weeks ago. The middle brother finished yesterday. The youngest brother hasn't started .

Sophie could walk back to the house along the dry path. She opts instead for a detour across the freshly ploughed and exceedingly muddy field. Go figure.

At the good coffee cafe we come face to face with an interloper. Sophie is keen to meet the interloper and starts to make her 'I want to play' yodelling noise. The other dog decides that its best to ignore her. It is some time since I've heard the full on PON 'yodel'. Sophie is quite taken aback by the fact that another dog may have the audacity to  ignore her !  

Back at the wee cottage the first Christmas decorations are unpacked and put in place. The partridge in a pear tree has survived the move. Most of the decorations were left with the old mayor to upgrade the Christmas displays in France.  He writes to say the artificial tree with the flashing lights will shortly be installed in the village hall window.

That time of the year again. Here is this years first Christmas song from Stockholm Station. When it comes to making the most of Christmas Scandinavians are quite uninhibited :


Travel said...

A doggy shower in the remodel would be handy on mornings like this.

Lisa in France said...

I had completely forgotten about your Christmas songs with everything else that happened this year, so happy to be reminded! Dogs do seem to have strong feelings about who they do and who they don't want to associate with. Charlie was completely blown off by a Chihuahua on our afternoon walk today although Charlie clearly thought they should become friends. It's important that the owners maintain their perspective in these situations and not feel aggrieved on behalf of their dogs. (Note to self.) The partridge in a pear tree is lovely - I don't recall seeing it before. We will all miss the giant blinking Christmas tree, I am sure, but I take comfort from knowing the Old Mayor will put it to good use. Looking forward to the creche.

Coppa's girl said...

Why walk on a dry path when there's a muddy field to enjoy! A doggy shower sounds like a must. It's usually a hosepipe here.
Not sure I remember the Partridge in a Pear Tree either but am also looking forward to seeing the Crêche in situ. Has Joseph's mother-in- law made the journey safely?
How nice that you've left the Christmas tree behind for the villagers to enjoy - happy memories of your years there.

Ruth said...

Your move has brought new discoveries and routines, but I was so pleased to hear mention of the old mayor. Your description of his devotion to his wife has stayed with me as has your writing about the old farmer. I miss news of them.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
I too was tickled to read of hearing from the old mayor... though, immediately, the thought followed that the flashy tree might still be decorating the hall window until Easter! YAM xx

Taste of France said...

Wonderful about the Christmas decorations. Your posts about the mairie's holiday look were always tinged with despair.
Re the brotherly farmers, do they rent the tilling equipment? They might not have been able to all get it at the same time. Kind of the way vignerons here don't own the gigantic vendange machines.

Camille said...

I too long for small updates on the wee village in France but am enjoying with great anticipation the return of the creche this year. How I wish we could all experience one of Miss Sophie's magnificent PON yodels.

Fay said...

I look forward to your selection of Christmas songs every year, to savor and the share. Why walk along a dry, packed down trail when wet ground has some many delicious smells?

Jake of Florida said...

Me too, I want to know how the old mayor is doing, and his wife, and the old farmer, and of course Mme Baie. As in Le Petit Prince, you "tamed" them so about them too.