Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Christmas song #10

100 yards into our morning walk and the wind has sculpted Sophie's fur into a spikey Goth style. The PONette is not entirely sure about this. The rest of the country seems to be suffering from snow and sub-zero conditions ( https://youtu.be/-fSNl4a_3Ig?list=TLPQMTMxMjIwMjI4Es5jnaTzRQ&t=1137but here at our isolated 'last house before Denmark' location the ground is dry and the sky is completely cloudless.

Half an hour and a tour of the village later and Sophie's  sporting a  straight  out of the spin dryer  look. Super fluffy.  Northerly winds will do that to a girl. An inch or so of the hair at the end of her ears was cut yesterday to make drinking from puddles easier. The hair over her eyes was also shortened to help her see. Looking at the end result  this morning I wonder if 'The Font' has taken enough off. In fact I wonder if 'The Font' took any off.

Into town for a coffee, a bowl of water and a shared pain au raisin. One good thing about the Volvo - you can get the engine started and the windows de-iced by pressing a button on the key fob five minutes before you want to head off. Sophie settles down for the journey in the back of a warm car

The good coffee cafe is once again empty. Seems  that the exodus of students after their exams is well underway. Pity the poor youngsters who have to wait until this coming Friday for their final tests. We stop off at the fancy shop for a star for the top of the Christmas tree - the previous one having got lost in the move back from France. I quietly wonder if the new owners of The Rickety Old Farmhouse have discovered the seven strands of Christmas tree lights that lurk, somewhere , in the cellar.

Scottish Starbucks bears in the local Starbucks. There are also St.Andrews Starbucks mugs. I can see that city themed mugs would work in a major urban centre but in a small town with a population of 18,000 ?

No puddle drinking today. The harsh frost overnight has frozen the water rock solid. The diva may have to drink the fresh water in her bowl in the kitchen.

Christmas song #10. Not the usual tune :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDYgl8qafXw


WFT Nobby said...

The Volvo key fob feature sounds like an excellent idea.
am wondering if there have been any reports about the new ROF owners and how they are settling into the village? Made friends with the German billionaire or the Anger Management man?

Coppa's girl said...

You have to hand it to the Swedes, they really know how to produce a car capable of dealing with the worst winter weather.
Poor Sophie - no puddles to drink from and a hairstyle that defies description. At least that frozen puddle looks very pretty.
I rather like the designs on the mugs in the Starbucks shop.
Yes, I, too wonder how things are at the ROF and how, or if, the new owners have settled in and taken your place in the village. Your neighbours there were all such characters and I felt we knew them well!

Lisa in France said...

Well, we can see her eye very clearly in that first shot! I agree the Volvo key fob sounds like a great idea.

Travel said...

I love what the wind does with her hair,

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Was that the sound of angels I just heard? Thanks for the music... YAM xx

Bailey Bob Southern Dog said...

Thank you for a trip to snowy London, a visit to town in Scotland, photos of sky, sea, and frozen puddles with a Pon Girl we all love, and glorious Christmas music. You have filled my heart with joy this morning!

rottrover said...

Those Londoners look much more comfortable in the snow than they did in their 100 degree summer heat wave! I love Sophie's pointed head!

Teena and Lala said...

Looking fab Sophie-Pon xx