Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Blue crimplene.

The two village ladies are heading off for their cameo appearance as 'charwomen'. For the shoot they will wear blue crimplene work coats , smoke cigarettes and  have a 'knowing' look. The one who used to teach medieval French poetry at Oxford shows me her idea of what a 'knowing' look is. ' They'll think you're in agony' says the other. We all laugh. This morning the two ladies have seen an eighth deer. 

It's light by six now. Sophie and her companion are on the beach not long after. We see three runners. One of them says hello to Sophie the two others are too far away .

The Jaffa Cake cafe has flowers on every table. Lit by the rising sun it looks almost continental. We are the first customers although within five minutes a procession of town dogs and bleary eyed owners start to wander by. I observe to Sophie that there are appear to be no C-A-T-S here. Or, if there are, I've never seen one.

The delicatessen is also looking remarkably 'Spring' like. Perhaps Netflix are going to film a scene of the heir to the throne going in for a pint of milk and a packet of Garibaldi biscuits ?

We'd been told there would be new tables ' a la Paris' outside the cafe near the 'Wee House'.  From the look of things the entire place is being given a make over - inside and out. A group of set designers are busy taking the cafe sign down and putting up a new one for the 'Pizzeria St.Andrea'. Two chunks of plaster have been knocked off the wall in the process. An orange vested security guard glares at us. Perhaps he thinks we're going to steal a ladder ?


Coppa's girl said...

Your photo du jour is quite incredible - it looks as if the owl has been carved from the tree.
Lovely photos of Sophie, mistress of (almost) all she surveys on a bright sunny morning. Strange about the lack of cats - did news of Sophie's impending arrival reach them and they are now in hiding - only appearing in the wee small hours?

WFT Nobby said...

Love the screech owl photo. Simply amazing.
It seems almost no-one if Fife can resist the temptation to feature in 'The Crown' (and earn a few extra ££)!

jabblog said...

Some artists are so clever - the screech owl looks as though it's grown naturally with the tree.
I wonder if the 'new look' will be sustained or if the town will slump after filming.

Travel said...

Sophie could somehow slip her lead, and make a cameo appearance on film, her chance to be even a bigger star. Certainly the Prince kept treats in his pocket for moments like that.

rottrover said...

An eighth deer! Another baby?

Jake of Florida said...

Mitchell's does look festive and springlike. Sophie must approve of the sign saying it is a dog friendly establishment.

kippy said...

Ooh that owl photo! St Andrews will seem so quiet at first after the film crew leaves.