Saturday, March 4, 2023


Netflix will be in town next week to film the William and Kate episode of The Crown. Parking restrictions have been put in place. This is the cause for much grumbling among those villagers who go into the centre to work. The producer has all the students he needs as extras ( £150 a day plus meals - dress as if it's the year 2000 ) but is looking for a more mature demographic to fill out the crowd scenes. The village doctor has been asked if he can bring his trusty old MGB down as a 'backdrop'. Two of the retired ( and rather prim ) village ladies have agreed to be 'char women'. For their role they have to wear blue nylon house coats and smoke cigarettes. As neither of them smokes they can just pretend 'to puff away'. 

Sophie may be a family diva but at heart she's still very much a farm girl.  She's up and about at sunrise. The sound of her tail thwacking against the furniture a wake up call to the rest of us. This morning, from the window,  I can see three Jack Russells heading off down the farm track towards the waters edge. Rain or sun they have  morning guard duty to perform. They bark loudly, and at nothing in particular, as they go. 

We seem to have the beach to ourselves bar a group of early rising surfers and a young couple who have fallen asleep, curled up, in the shelter of the dunes. Of such things are student memories made.  Sophie is encouraged away before she can give either of them a PONette kiss. We don't want their memories to turn into nightmares .


jabblog said...

Beautiful sunrise.
I feel sorry for the workers whose passage into town will be disrupted during the filming.
A PONette kiss would be quite a memorable awakening.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari OM
Turneresque morning scenes... YAM xx

The Life of Riley said...


Stephanie said...

Good morning, Sophie and Angus. Yes, Turner is just right.

Travel said...

Another beautiful morning. Sophie could make a cameo appearance - she already famous.

Jake of Florida said...

Are you and the Font going to join the fun? I've always loved the word supernumerary.