Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Princely moment.

The weather forecast - as it has done for the last week or so - threatens snow and dangerous driving conditions. Instead the morning dawns bright and clear. The sky is that cerulean blue you see in estate agents photographs.  The beach, usually quiet, is again flush with early morning surfers. The family diva heads off along the beach  in search of Jaffa Cakes. She is  greeted warmly by all and sundry but warm greetings don't cut it with this lady. Words are words, Jaffa Cakes are tangible. She glares and wanders off to the next surfer.

Today the parasurfers are out on the spit where the river meanders into the sea. Sophie is not sure what to make of parasurfers or their demonic contraptions. They are observed from behind the safety of Angus's legs.

The sky is blue but the wind is strong enough for ear malfunctions. A labrador is greeted and several small hyper active dogs are gleefully - and noisily - chased. 

We hop back into the car, park by the cathedral and head off to the ' where William met Kate ' cafe. The owner is looking forward to all the publicity that the new series of The Crown will bring.  Tables will be set up outside - ' a la Paris ' - for the filming of a romantic  Princely moment. Angus would put his money on the fact that no real life Prince would have a romantic moment in a pavement cafe in these frigid conditions. 

Back at the wee cottage Sophie does a final tour of the garden to ensure that her flock is safe from curlews, geese and deer. She is commended for her diligence and bravery. By this stage 'The Font' is up and having porridge and honey in the kitchen. Angus is forgotten and ignored. Porridge and honey take priority.

Last night we opt for virtual dining in the Hudson Valley  :https://www.stissinghouse.com/


jabblog said...

I like Sophie's nose down, tail up posture.
No doubt the William and Kate cafe will benefit from the publicity it will receive.

Coppa's girl said...

Really, it's about time someone set up a stall on the beach, solely for the sale of Jaffa Cakes. I'm sure they would do good business, not just with Sophie, but with the Labradors too. They could even employ a professional de-chocolater! A nice little retirement job for you, Angus?

WFT Nobby said...

Does porridge and honey trump tangible jaffa cakes?
Woke up to at least 5 inches of snow right in the heart of Aberdeen this morning.

Jake of Florida said...

Porridge and honey? "Please, Sir, may I have some more?,"

Travel said...

Delightful morning, thank you for taking us along.

Tigger's Mum said...

Someone recommended porridge with peanut butter to us the other day. Mr T and F are not convinced but Sophie might like porridge with peanut butter.

Diaday said...

That first photo with the cerulean blue sky and clouds reflecting in the water along with Sophie hoping to find someone with a Jaffa cake is beautiful. Thank you for sharing your delightful start to the day.

Bailey Bob Southern Dog said...

Glorious photos today, Angus. I especially love the last one!