Monday, March 27, 2023

Gentle grandeur.


Up early talking to the super smart Los Angeles folks. Lots to discuss this morning. Netanyahu fires his defence minister, Trump launches his bid for the White House, a troubled Macron plans to head off to China and King Charles inks in a quick visit to Berlin. Then , of course, there's the banks. It's as if at the end of the pandemic the troubles started. 

While I talk Sophie pretends to doze but as soon as the Zoom link is turned off she's up and standing at the door. Why be indoors when you can be outside ? We are , once again, the first ones on the beach.

Looking north the sky is blue.

Looking south it's altogether less calm.

We manage to battle the freezing wind and flurries of hail for twenty five minutes  before Angus suggests that it's time to head home. Sophie ignores me until I utter the magic word 'cookies'. This is the key to get her scampering towards the car .

Inflation has taken the price of the bakers uninspiring croissants to an exorbitant £2.90. Hot Cross Buns are £2.00 which also strikes me as expensive. There again Angus long ago lost all track of what things cost.

We go to the student cafe for a coffee, a bowl of water and a sliver of shortbread. Amid the foliage of a laurel bush on the corner of the pavement facing the bus station we find a plaque.

The stone in question sits in a small patch of gravel and is surrounded by a broken vodka bottle and beer cans. It is not an impressive thing although the story that the pikemen touched it on the way to Bannockburn 700 years ago gives it a gentle grandeur.


WFT Nobby said...

That's a lot of history for a lump of dolerite.

Coppa's girl said...

Lovely photos of Sophie and her beach!
Even with so much "presumed" history, I suppose the Stane is considered just one more lump of stone. Sad that it's neglected and the plaque isn't cleaned up.
Two pounds ninety for a croissant, and two pounds for single hot cross bun strikes me as exorbitant. I know prices have risen alarmingly in the UK, but that seems ridiculous!

Travel said...

Great sky in that first photo. When will the crash come in office space? So much is sitting empty and no one seems in a hurry to return?

jabblog said...

Such big, big skies. Are they dark skies, too?

Stephanie said...

The blue sky photo is particularly striking. The bakery display does look a bit mundane; I have fond memories of the extravagant French pastries that were once featured by Angus. Have you found a new bakery to satisfy your sweet tooth?

Gemma's person said...

The scone and bun look large in the picture. I wish they were up to your standard , at least.

Tigger's Mum said...

What things cost, and what they are worth can be two totally different stories. £2.90 for an indifferent croissant does seem exorbitant.

I'm a Sophie Doodle Dog said...

I am a farm wife living in the corn and bean fields of central Illinois. I look forward to reading your posts each morning. I love the history and the stories you tell of your Sophie. I, too, have a Sophie. I believe they would be kindred souls were they to meet.