Monday, March 13, 2023

Slippery path.


Monday daybreak. A flotilla of vans and minibuses lined up against the Abbey wall tells us that filming has started again. 

A group of men wearing colour coordinated Aran sweaters and matching woolen hats are standing around on the quayside looking like lobster fishermen. The director is shouting at them. He wants the lobster creels to be stacked to chest height. They, I'm told,  are getting £250 for their cameo roles ... plus breakfast. The locals seem to be thoroughly enjoying this touch of creel stacking  glamour  although the throng of technicians, security guards and busy young California women with i-pads seem less than happy being up and about before seven am.

Sophie and Angus head back to the beach cafe  that makes exceptionally good bacon rolls. The cafe opens early to cater to the staff and students  in the marine laboratory. This morning we're the first (and  only customers )  so we have to wait for the bacon to brown . Sophie sits beside me and shuffles with impatience. From here we can just make out a huge drone flying up and down the pier. It's filming close ups of the actor who is playing Prince William. In real life it is highly improbable that the heir to the throne would have been allowed to go running on the uneven and slippery pier wall at this, or indeed any, time of the morning. 

After that we have the place pretty much to ourselves.

Sophie has developed a half inch long growth on her muzzle. It doesn't seem to bother her but looks alarming. It seems to have come from nowhere and grown to its current size all within the last three weeks. A quick trip to the v-e-t-s is scheduled for this afternoon.


Ruth said...

Hope dear Sophie doesn't cotton on to the v-e-t until it's too late to protest.

jabblog said...

I hope the growth is benign. Always worrying when things happen so quickly. I'm sure Sophie will be rewarded with a treat at the vets - makes it worth going.

WFT Nobby said...

Fingers and paws crossed that Sophie's muzzle bump is benign.
To date, my interest in 'The Crown' has been limited to reading the occasional article on the Guardian website, but I am now wondering who is playing Prince Willian in the series now being filmed.
Nobby and I both agree that on the importance of waiting for the bacon to brown!
Cheers, Gail.

Coppa's girl said...

We too, hope that the growth is benign.
Not having seen 'The Crown', or read much about it, I find it strange that something so essentially British is made by an American company, though surely they will have British advisers. Hopefully they have a better idea about correct procedures and terminology than an article I read recently which stated that Charles would be coronated! Perhaps the whole thing is aimed at American audiences.
Indy and I agree with Nobby and Gail, it's better to wait for the bacon to brown.

Travel said...

Hoping things go well with the doc. Such a sweet girl. It is fun to watch what you watched be filmed. I have done it a couple of times.

Diaday said...

Sending paws-itive wishes for Sophie's vet visit.

Gemma's person said...

Good to get to the vet quickly. Good wishes from the U.S.

Jake of Florida said...

If anyone has watched As Time Goes By, with Judy Dench and Geoffrey Palmer, the episodes where Hollywood producers "interpret" what a country estate in Britain is like are keys to what may be happening in St. Andrews. Nevertheless I think we've watched As Time Goes By a zillion times by now.

50 and counting said...

Hope the Vet's visit went well and that the growth is easily removed.

We had a cancerous tumour removed from our girl's paw in January and one toe was amputated and she came home wearing the cone of shame.

EAS said...

Here’s to an uneventful vet visit.