Sunday, October 11, 2015

A law of physics.

Although we're in town early all the parking spaces are taken. It's the day of the 'Concours of Apple Tarts'. To add creative tension there is a bake off with a neighbouring towns apple pie makers.

Back at The Rickety Old Farmhouse the angelic duo chase each other around the small mountain of gravel that is piled up outside the barn. Sophie thinks it is wildly exciting to lie on her back on the summit and then roll down. She screams with delight as she does so - time after time, after time, after time. Bob digs. 

Both demonstrate an abiding law of physics. A PON can absorb twice its body weight in sand and glump.

Some sticks to the nose. Some to the paws. Most to the coat. All is brought into the house.

Sophie is given a bath and emerges ( paws excepted ) looking almost lady like.

Bob sees what's happened to his sister and dons his mantle of invisibility. He can't be found. 

Just another of those autumn days in deepest, deepest France profonde. Too unimportant for a diary but too important to go unrecorded.


  1. The dirt absorbing capacity of a dog's coat is rarely mentioned in descriptions of breed traits, but perhaps it should be. In a score out of 10, Hamish's sponge like coat would have scored 8 or 9, whereas Bertie, though not a short haired breed, would merit perhaps a 5. Bob and Sophie may be 11?

  2. That's another proverb dispelled...'A rolling PON gathers no gravel'

  3. Brownie is VERY jealous of that gravel too for that matter....I'm still a girl at heart.
    A entire day of apple pies...I'm a bit jealous of that event too.
    Is that a new toy with Sophie in the last photo..or did that toy have a bath with her too....she looks absolutely divine.
    Hope you found Bob for his bath eventually....can't have gravel in the house for Ms.BlueHair....she may clean that up along with Bob.

  4. Since there's a p[le of gravel outside the barn, that must mean another piece of equipment will be
    brought in to spread it out. Let's hope the barn is left standing.
    Looks like Sophie has her paws on a new toy.

  5. In a world obsessed with Kardashians, you are a breath of fresh air..

  6. If they are anything like my horse, the first thing they'll do after a bath is roll in the dirt pile again.

  7. Aaah, another best day ever in deepest France profonde.

  8. Adorable pups! They're so cute. Looks like Sophie has her paws on a new toy!

  9. Please be sure Sophie is not eating the gravel. I can tell you for a fact, rock removal surgery is very expensive! I had a Bassett Hound who loved to play with rocks. He swallowed one nature could not handle. Thus, rock removal surgery, many $'s.

  10. We think there will be more gravel pile fun for awhile.