Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Double your pleasure.

Sophie has a new toy.

Bob, being more conservative, chews an old one.

More gravel is delivered. Thankfully, without incident.

Two small mountains now block the entrance to the barn. Sophie views this as a 'double your pleasure, double your fun' moment. 

Bob watches it all.

'The Font' sets off across the village green for the six o'clock council meeting. The mayor shows up at six fifteen. At six thirty he announces that he can't wait any longer and the meeting will start. Four out of twelve are present. The lady with the beehive hairdo arrives shortly afterwards  to find that the meetings has begun.  '' Started already ! Some of us have work to go to " she says with more than a hint of irritation. ' I'm not saying you're late or apportioning blame ' says the mayor. '' I would jolly well hope not " says the beehive hairdo lady. Except she doesn't say 'jolly'. She spends much of the rest of the evening muttering under her breath. Two new street lamps are in the budget of 2016.

Such is the excitement of life in deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. Are we taking bets on how long Sophie's new toy will last, and how long before she "appropriates" Bob's Furry Fox ?
    Two new street lights - gosh, we could do with them here - we haven't got any !

  2. Two new street lights to help find your way through the dark to the village council meeting?

  3. Is Sophie about to go into the gravel moving business?

  4. How nice to see that the hydraulics on this truck are working to perfection.
    Bob's old toy looks as if it's been in a war zone, but like Brownie he seems to favour the oldest smelliest ones the most.
    Two piles of gravel...what more could a girl ask for?

  5. Once Sophie has finished rolling in it, will the gravel be raked into the barn for flooring, or is it also for the driveway? Trying to figure out where it all goes.