Thursday, October 15, 2015

A piece of female philosophy that is beyond male understanding.

A quick trip back to an overcast ...

..... and very crowded London. The place full of rugby fans and black suited Chinese diplomats waiting for the arrival of President Xi on a state visit.

On Oxford Street a man makes a dog sculpture out of sand.

The ultimate diamante encrusted motability scooter on display in the foyer of a Chemist. Bling written with capital letters.

In the window of a beauticians a piece of female philosophy that is beyond male understanding.

Home to find that the lustre on Sophie's nose is undiminished.

Bob keeps the solar system in check with a good shove from his nose.

In my absence the angelic duo have been digging.

All is well in deepest, deepest France profonde.


  1. I am looking forward to an explanation of the eyebrow sign from your other female readers, but I suspect that they too, like me, will be baffled.
    Cheers! Gail.

  2. That sign is incomprehensible to this female.....
    Scooter reminds me of the line from Seinfeld. It makes you wish you were disabled.

    1. Your Seinfeld comment made me laugh....I remember that episode all too well.

  3. You know that all is somehow still right with the world when Astronomer Bob is keeping the universe in check

  4. Perhaps it's to do with not having both eyebrows plucked and penciled to exact mirror image - twins, and letting the lopsided, done with left handed tweezers through bifocal glasses in a mirror in poor light - sisters. Lesley

  5. The sand sculpture artist is first I thought it was a real dog being used as a ploy for begging for wrong I was.
    Never in a million years would I ride a mobility scooter looking like that one....a bit too blingy for me. Seems as if the back tyre has flattened under the weight of the Swarovski
    Glad you're back and I didn't have time to miss you.

  6. I believe I can weigh in on the eyebrow situation. Faces are not symmetrical. Hold a piece of paper over half your face and take a peek in the mirror. Now do the other side. Two very distinct and different looks. Human faces are fascinating and irregular. I agree with the sign. Two perfectly plucked, pencilled in, and matching eyebrows looks....odd. No danger of such a situation with me. I'm afraid I am very human - and asymmetrical. Ps: keep up the good work Bob!

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  8. Did you see a made crazy woman elbowing people out of the way at Oxford Circus? That would be me!
    That dog sculpture has been there for weeks now, I have no idea why and did you see the guy that plays the traffic cone?

  9. And it's said to not let anyone with bad eyebrows tell you anything about life...

    Glad was well on your return, and I guess that Bob is the reason why our weather is cold one day, hot the next.

  10. Sophie's nose is gleaming and Bob is keeping the universe in place, so all's right in the world !