Thursday, October 8, 2015


Hong Kong should have been cool but was as hot and humid as New York on an muggy August day. Usually the Typhoon season is over by September. This year it's still in full flow.

The China Day firework display - the purpose of the trip - was marvellous. There are so many people on the waterfront we are forced to head back to the hotel to watch it from the room. Most of the fireworks are red.

Crowds had started to gather in the early afternoon and just kept on growing.

We have no Chinese pictures. 'The Font' finds a rather sad but very beautiful picture of 'Girl with pollarded willows' . The summer colours on the dress outlined against the snow and the grey winter willows behind. The reflected willows have leaves. Those on the bank don't. It looks more Russian than Chinese.

Hong Kong still retains a hint of its former Scottish connections. Not least of which are tartan trams and three local waiters in the hotel called Angus. This causes great hilarity to all involved. It also means we get great service.

By Saturday morning the Typhoon is hitting home hard. The flights are all delayed - interminably. Tourists sitting on the side of the ferries shuttling across the harbour get drenched.

We finally leave on Sunday by which time the sun is appearing - for the first time. Typical.


  1. Interesting trip. Love the tartan bus and the multiplicity of Anguses (Angi?)
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Bet you were a hit in Aberdeen Harbour too? :-)

  3. It looks amazing,. What's the collective name for collection of Anguses?

  4. Love the picture of Girl with Willows. Hauntingly beautiful!

  5. Looks like a great place! My mum is planning a trip to Hong Kong next year.

  6. Love the Hong Kong photos and the China Day cool....I would love to visit Hong Kong one day.
    Kate Spade's Fall fashion is highlighting tartan and the tartan bus is a pretty display.
    Angus please tell us you bought new toys for the PON angels from your trip.

  7. I'm glad that despite the weather, your trip was an enjoyable one, and all was well when you returned, with the exception of a few household items....

  8. We too loved vibrant Hong Kong. I'm thinking we stayed in the very same hotel too...Grand Hyatt?