Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Too exotic.

Loic, the heavily bifocaled gardener, arrives . He blows leaves into piles. The PONs leap onto the piles, bury their heads deep in them then redistribute the leaves around the garden. Bobs tail rotates through 360 degrees. Loic is gloriously oblivious to the trail of devastation wrought by the PONs. Anyone conducting a time and motion study would despair at the inefficiency of the leaf collecting process.

The builders are here to put up shelves along a wall of the barn. Pool chemicals will soon be out of reach of the angelic duo. Bob and Sophie consider putting up shelves to be less important than engaging in a protracted game of 'Throw the Furry Fox'. The morose lads have learnt to accept that its easier - and quieter - to pander to their needs than it is to ignore them. The same time and motion people would also despair at the inefficiency of this process.

In the supermarket the arrival of  Artificial Flowers  signals that All Saints Day is close.

Cold coffee or coffee yogurts ? A new Starbucks line appears in the 'exotic foods' section. Angus can't decide whether they're coffees to be heated in the microwave or some form of milk based snack. Is this bewilderment another sign of advancing years ? They don't seem to be selling. Starbucks Latte's evidently too 'exotic' for the citizens of deepest France profonde.

Today the worlds population of pigeons is ( apparently ) around 260 million. This article in Harpers Magazine highlights an era a hundred and fifty years ago when flocks of 2 billion passenger pigeons used to fly across the US. When they roosted tree branches would break under their weight. The last one - Martha-  died on September 1st 1914.http://harpers.org/archive/2015/11/rethinking-extinction/


  1. Time and motion or overall wellbeing? I think Bob and Sophie have it right.
    The Starbucks drive for world domination continues unchecked. (One of the group I went cycling with in Washington State had done the payroll when Starbucks had 65 employees….She did say it was useful in applying for later jobs that she had Howard Schultz as a referee!)
    Cheers, Gail.

  2. Very difficult to ignore a PON..
    Yesterday I learnt that 30 years ago there was a 30 million strong hedgehog population in Britain, which today has dwindled to 1 million. Very sad.

  3. Who cares about time and motion when you're a PON - there are games of "Throw the Furry Fox" to be had, and if you're Sophie, maybe morose builder's lads sandwiches to be "appropriated"?

  4. I love that the PONs have trained the morose lads, do they manage to raise a smile at the PON antics?

  5. Oh dear, Starbucks even in deepest France profonde? They seem to be to real coffee what McDonald's is to real food.

  6. Piles of gravel, piles of leaves...an adventure playground.

  7. I hope the starbucks yogurts find the way to Calif.

  8. What will Starbucks think of next? Dare we ask?