Sunday, October 18, 2015

One sleeps the other guards.

Saturday morning. A large beer tent is being set up outside the Salle des Fetes. The local farmers are taking the rugby match between France and New Zealand very seriously.

Bob and Sophie have enough energy left after their morning walk for a spirited game of throw the Furry Fox.

Afterwards Sophie settles down, inelegantly, for a morning nap.

Sometimes I'm convinced she smiles when she's dreaming.

Big brother Bob has no time for idleness.

The farmers have to be glared at as they carry beer kegs into the marquee.

The festivities, which quickly turn into a beer soaked wake, finish at five twenty one in the morning. 62-13 ! There is much, slightly dispirited, singing of the Marseillaise. Bob barks as each of the farmers cars leave. Sophie sleeps solidly and unconcernedly through everything.


  1. Those All Blacks are a force to be reckoned with! on to Oz vs Scotland....(already excuses why Oz may not win).

  2. Oh dear. Not a good evening for France.
    We are hoping for a better result for Scotland later today. Bertie is already wearing his Saltire flag bandana in anticipation...

  3. Oh dear, deepest gloom in deepest France profonde ! A literal drowning of sorrows by the sound of things.
    Never mind - the PONs look happy and there's always another game of throw the Furry Fox to look forwards to. Perhaps the farmers should give it a try !

  4. Pure magic, those All Blacks.

  5. I enjoyed that match very much, but then I would.... and thrilled to see the AB's step up to the competition.
    Not so happy to hear of the Scotland result - you know we support any team that plays Australia, but gutted to see Scotland lose in the final minutes - after such a valiant game, and in such a manner! You have my definite sympathies there!

  6. Sorry about Scotland. Even the local Sportscasters say Scotland was the better team. We don't watch..only hear the news.

  7. I believe the fall air has put a bounce in Bob and Sophie's run, and turned them in to Super PONs!

  8. Yes - girl and boy dogs.
    Apple sleeps, Edward guards.