Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Back to normal.

The reunion is emotional and in Sophie's case diva like. What's the point of hiding happiness ?

They're exhausted.

Sophie has added 2 kilos in the kennels. Bob has lost 1/2.

Bobs solar system fridge magnets are found in a bucket and replaced on the door of the dishwasher.

After a lengthy nap Bob emerges from the leaf pile with Shredded Chicken. This was last seen eighteen months ago. It is treated with the sort of enthusiasm a human might display on finding a misplaced bottle of Cheval Blanc 2009 .

Close scrutiny of this photograph will show that there are two PONs running in parallel. Happiness ( and a shredded chicken )  are best when shared.


  1. You're back, and all is right in the world !
    No prizes for guessing where Sophie's extra 2 kilos came from - or where Bob's lost 1/2 kilo went ! Now we'll PONder if there will be a running battle with the blue haired cleaning lady and Bob's Solar system fridge magnets. Will she remove them each week, and then you'll have to discover where she's put them.....?

  2. Normal is good. Especially when involving a shredded chicken.

    1. PS TWO KILOS in a just a week! Is that possible?

    2. Yes, if you eat your kibbles , your brothers and 'recycle' everything you find in the exercise area.

  3. And we thought it was a dog with two tails. Hope nothing tragic has happened to furry fox.

  4. Happy dogs and happy owners
    Glad to hear the packs back together

  5. Did you ever find the kitchen stools?

  6. I am so happy that the pack is reunited.
    Sophie's hair in the first photo exudes her happy spirit.
    As for Ms BlueHair, just remind her that Bob's magnets stay on the dishwasher because he likes to play with them, the stools stay in the kitchen and the Font likes her oils and spices on the counter...she'll soon get the hang of it.
    Shredded chicken and two PON's sharing a gallop across the adorable is that?

  7. All in now right in the world (and the solar system)!

  8. Sophie's smile in the first photo is priceless! Hoping the oils and spices have been found. Did you check the leaf pile?

  9. Once again we check in to read all the days comments. ( I also checked 8 hrs ago to check in on the dymanic duo )

    So happy your back and the planets are in order !!

    Yogi & Mom