Friday, October 9, 2015

The unexpected.

The morning weather decidedly nippy. The PONs love it. Off to the bakers at first light with the angelic duo.

We buy a lemon meringue tart and a rum macaroon. The PONs get given slivers of choux pastry. Bob does his soft shoe shuffle routine and shows his overbite.

Sophie continues to try to get the breakfast yogurt pot to refill itself.

The unexpected happens. The builders show up to repair the barn wall that was knocked down when Loic , the heavily bifocaled gardener,  put the lawn tractor into forward rather than reverse gear.

A group of six morose lads unload cement mixers, manoeuver trailers and pile up roof tiles. Bob and Sophie try to entice them into playing 'throw the Furry Fox'.

One of the morose lads manages to drive his van over the spot lights that illuminate the old oak trees along the drive. Half an hour is spent picking up shards of glass.

Sophie finally puts on her 'determined' face and makes it quite clear to the morose lads that they're in her house and that she expects them to throw Furry Fox. Strange, and slightly annoying, that a female PON can get the builders to do things but the owner of the house can't.


  1. Slivers of choux pastry, morose builder's lads, and games of throw the Furry Fox - sounds like it's shaping up to be another best day ever! How ever did the morose lad manage to drive over all the spotlights ?
    Sophie, surprised that you still haven't learned that yoghurt pots don't seem to want to refill themselves - they're cussed that way!

  2. A particularly delectable cake selection this morning!
    Bertie and I think you should procure a hard hat for Sophie, promote her to Building Works Supervisor (with Bob as her affable assistant), at a salary of two half hour sessions of throw the furry fox per day. We would suggest treats too, but are mindful of those two extra kg…
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Maybe you should put her in charge....or bear your teeth more.

  4. Those cakes do look very inviting!
    Is that one step forward, the barn being fixed and one step back, the light is now broken

  5. Thanks for the pastry photo. I needed that; bad morning here.
    More morose lads! Are there any other type? If Sophie can't charm them there is no hope.

  6. Having dealt with gals like Sophie, (and sometimes being one) it's just easier to do what they want.