Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The George Washington look.

The farmers beer tent is still in place. The village mothers , faced with a two week school holiday, have requisitioned it as a play area for the toddlers.  There is a rota. Three mothers look after the feral mass while the others head back home to catch up on their sleep. This idea has been dreamt up by the lady with the unexpected triplets. Bob and Sophie are greeted enthusiastically by the five year olds.

'The Font' heads back to London for a six monthly dental check-up. Both PONs seem to recognize that the standard of cuisine will take a sudden turn for the worse.

To compensate they dig.

Bobs nose hints at malfeasance.

Sophie's paws spell it out.

When presented with the incriminating evidence  Sophie gives me her  George Washington '' I cannot tell a lie it was all Bobs idea '' look. The new gravel floor in the barn is now pitted with 18" deep holes.


  1. Now if the toddlers could just join Bob and Sophie, what great fun they would all have. It's time the feral mass (an accurate expression, Angus) learned some of the finer points of throw the Furry Fox ! Pity you haven't still got the gravel mounds - that would have been even better fun ! Though it wouldn't do much for your nerves.....

  2. Kids off school....maybe the mothers should leave it as a Beer Tent.

  3. Digging for truffles perhaps, to liven up the dinner?

    1. Bob and Sophie's or Angus and 'The Font's' ?

  4. "Unexpected triplets" does that happen? LOL.
    Sophie's encrusted paws and bits of dried grass stuck in her hair remind me very much of another dog who would also have me think that he was not up to mischief even when there is so much evidence visible.
    I know Bob and Sophie will enjoy their lunch today because Dad made it.

  5. Our newest 4.5 month old addition to our ever growing canine family approves of the digging. Karma digs. A lot. If she were to have thumbs, Bob and Sophie would get 2 thumbs up!

  6. Entertainment for Bob abd Sophie I thought when I read the bit about the tent and the children. Obviously not.