Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The missing flags and the atonal whistler.

Each check out desk in the supermarket is decorated with a flag from one of the participating countries in the Rugby World Cup. There are two countries missing. America is one of them. The other is geographically much closer to France and isn't Scotland or Wales or Ireland. Can you guess which it might be ?

We stop off to buy some Cyclamens from the nursery. Bob has to be encouraged back into the car before he christens the Chrysanthemums in the polytunnel. 

Sophie's fixation with her Furry Fox continues. Wherever Sophie goes her Furry Fox goes too.

One of the mysteries of the French educational system is that the children get a two week mid-term holiday before Halloween. The eight year old boy is once again rattling a stick against the bars on the gates. He is clearly very bored.There is nothing designed to irritate a PON like an eight year old boy rattling a stick against their gate. He also whistles, atonaly and shrilly, which only makes matters worse.


  1. I thought the mid October two week mid-term holiday from school was a Scottish thing? Maybe just a NE Scotland thing? We are now in the middle of the annual 'Tattie Picking' fortnight. Not many school children out in the fields picking potatoes these days.
    Cheers, Gail.
    PS Was the St George's cross that was missing?

    1. Yes. It was the St.George's cross. . How did you guess ?

  2. Perhaps the bored eight year old could be persuaded to a game or two of throw the Furry Fox? Nothing like a PONs enthusiasm for bringing a little interest to the day !

  3. Italy? Though we think Australian and South Africa might have had theirs removed...... Children of any age just walking by the house drive the dogs nuts.

  4. That furry fox was a real find in the dog toy department!

  5. We thought the St George might be missing. That runs deep doesn't it? Hope you are watching the rugby at the weekend. We intend to get up - 3am for us kiwis.

    Julie Q

  6. St. George's cross. Pointedly obvious. Says loads.