Saturday, October 31, 2015

Just cheerful.

A middle aged ( and slightly grumpy ) builder shows up. No chance of a game of ' Throw the Furry Fox !' with him.

Loic the bifocaled gardener blows leaves into piles. This is much more to the PONs liking. The leaves are soon redistributed. Loic remains cheerfuly oblivious to the mayhem behind him. The PONs are just cheerful. 

Bob heads across the village green to watch the rugby with his master. His sister heads out onto the lawn with 'The Font' and a telescope for an evenings star gazing.

Just a quiet day in deepest, deepest France profonde.

And here's some entirely gratuitous music from a young band in Louisville :


  1. I think the slightly grumpy builder and everyone should try a game of throw the furry fox. Or at the very least listen to gratuitous music.

  2. Speaking of various workers at the ROF, did The Font ever find her olive oil and spices?

  3. No games of "Throw the Furry Fox" or diva moments - a very, very, quiet day then. Thank goodness for Loic and his piles of leaves to disturb the peace.

  4. Leaves, great fun. Well, we do know that it probably should have been Scotland and the All Blacks. Hope you enjoyed the Rugby.

  5. I love how our canine friends can create their own games, and encourage us to play along! Such fun!