Saturday, November 10, 2018

Almost there.

The work on the new fence around the war memorial is almost done. The fence has been mounted on metal rods which have been cemented in place.  About 15 centimetres of rod are left showing between the concrete and the wooden posts. Not an ideal look.

In the Salle des Fetes the mayor, the mayors wife and the deputy mayor are busy setting out the Grande Guerre exhibition. They have drawn the curtains so their work will be uninterrupted and unobserved.

Aesthetic considerations are the last thing on Bobs mind. Today is turning out to be the BEST day ever.

He's had a yogurt with his breakfast kibbles and now he's going off with 'The Font' to the dry cleaners.This is a PON boys dream. He can combine his role as guardian with that of jovial companion.

When Bob gets overjoyed he suffers from 'directional' failure. This morning, in the knowledge that a trip to the dry cleaners is on the cards, his front legs go in one direction, the rear ones in another, the tail waves maniacally and the region between front and back legs wiggles with delight. He finally makes it to the car.

May all blog readers have a day which contains the excitement of a trip to the dry cleaners.


Poppy Q said...

I am lucky and have a fuss free wardrobe. No ironing or dry cleaning is needed at chez Q.

The fence around the war memorial is truly horrible, in a country of such beautiful things you think someone could have made a more beautiful or simple design.

Sheila said...

The yogurt whiskers made me smile. At first glance I thought Bob had a clump of grass in his mouth.

Perhaps the fence will improve with age. I don't understand why it's needed at all.

liparifam said...

I would want to cry every time I had to look at that fence :( Why didn't they use a small vintage-looking iron?? Wish I could work up a bit of PON enthusiasm for the errands I need to run today :)

BaileyBobSouthernDog said...

In the first picture, the lighting on the Church is glowing. I hope Bob and Sophie’s readers in California are safe from the raging fires.

Angus said...

Perhaps when the wood ages and mellows down ?

Angus said...

Quite who designed it is a mystery.

Angus said...

The best that can be said about the new fence is that it's robust.

Angus said...

California is having a bad week.