Saturday, December 1, 2018


Heavy rain and howling winds overnight. Shutters bang. Downpipes gurgle. Through it all Sophie has been in a deep warm sleep curled up inside her blankets. She emerges into the daylight somewhat tentatively.

After a walk to the drainage ditch it's time to get into the back of the car and head off to the bakers. The bakers wife informs me she is pregnant again. She is decidedly tetchy. This might be down to the fact that three little ones are clinging to her. Or, more precisely, two are clinging to her feet while the third is held in her arms. Having impeded arms and feet makes serving difficult . Angus wonders if there is such a thing as pre-natal depression.

Angus and the PONs consider a red fruit pie as a half way house between health and indulgence ....

,,,, but opt for a small Rhum Baba for 'The Font' and a Bavarois for me. No crumbs for the angelic duo this morning - the bakers wife is distracted by her toddlers.

In addition to babies the baker has also been making Christmas decorations. Round chocolate Christmas tree baubles catch our eye. These are not a good idea in a house with two PONs , one of whom is a permanently hungry 'diva' who has the determination and guile to reach anything that is hung out of reach. 

The 'yellow jacket' protesters are out in force again today. We shall be staying close to home.

Australia in the news  :

Can it be true there are no rats in Alberta ? :


Poppy Q said...

We would give for the little cakes too.

Knickers is awesome - he must feel like a king.

Hope your day is better than the stormy night.

Angus said...

Knickers is something else. The second photo is the best.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Could the familial situation account for the recent downturn in baker's offerings of late - busy elsewhere, as it were?
... and I now have visions of Christmas trees of the local adorned with melting chocolate...

Am totally in lllurrrrrvvvv with Knickers. YAM xx

WFT Nobby said...

Sophie doing something tentatively?
This must be a first!