Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Let the River Run.

We're up early talking to men in dark suits. Overnight polls have been a surprise. We discover that the word 'gubernatorial' is very difficult to pronounce if you speak English with a Beijing accent. The names Claire McCaskill and Joe Donnelly are also difficult for the Mandarin tongue to get around.

Conversation over we head out into the garden. Angus is still coming to terms with the asymmetrical nature of Bobs muzzle cut. Bob, thankfully, seems unaware of his lopsidedness.

Sophie's windswept facial asymmetry is entirely natural.

This morning our walk is interrupted by
a) the arrival of men from the water board to lay new drainage pipes ( Bob is 200% transfixed )
b) the mayor to tell us that the Very Old Farmer ( as opposed to The Old Farmer ) has been admitted to hospital after falling out of his bed again
c) the wife of the German billionaire to tell us about her new pre-distressed kitchen. 

We go to the modern cafe for our morning croissant. Not a good choice as the local teenagers are skipping school and racing their motorbikes over the speed bumps. Sophie settles under the table but due to the noise Bob is on edge. He stands and wolfs down his croissant end. The modern cafe appeals to a 'southern'  inner city crowd. This is perhaps why it serves rather alarming looking chocolate croissants.

Swiss Miss Marshmallow Madness appears in the supermarkets American foods section. It's next to Bob's Red Mill Honey Oat Granola. On closer inspection the Miss Marshmallow product turns out to be some sort of cocoa drink with brightly coloured pieces of jelly floating on top. The claim on the box that there are no artificial sweeteners is presumably there to draw your mind away from the cornucopia of artificial colourings that go into it. 

These people seem very happy. In terms of sentiment 'Let the River Run' seems a good choice for today : https://youtu.be/OArIoBORaYs?t=4



Emm said...

I wonder what Beto O'Rourke sounds like in Mandarin.
After yesterday's Glinka, I went surfing around and came across Appalachian clog dancing. It'll be hard to beat that today.

OJN said...

Aha! Will the river run red or blue? I won't be blue if it's not red!

WFT Nobby said...

Bertie is thinking of going into business offering a 'pre-distressing' service to kitchen designers for billionaires...

Poppy Q said...

Who could drink such rubbish as that? Gross!

The bakery offerings look fresh and tasty.

sillygirl said...

What in the world is up with those croissants???? I can understand ( well, maybe just expect) such nonsense in the U.S. but in France????

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
as always, a smorgesbord to digest as we 'dine' with Angus and the PONs today... YAM xx

Taste of France said...

I guess high-fructose corn syrup is a natural sweetener.

50 and counting said...

Swiss Miss is one of the better hot chocolate mixes on the market. Marshmallows are tres traditional for Americans to have on top of their hot chocolate. They melt very quickly.

The individual sachets are good for taking to work for a treat.

Emm said...

As an American who sometimes drinks hot chocolate, I beg to differ. Marshmallows are not my choice.