Friday, November 2, 2018

Not fussy.

The weather in lyrical mood. A morning of sunshine and scudding clouds. Loic, the heavily bifocaled gardener, will be here around nine to collect the leaves and blow them into piles. Deconstructing the piles will keep the PONs happily occupied until lunchtime.

Bob and Angus sit on the storm drain and discuss world affairs. We wonder what a Troika of Tyranny is. Sophie, ever independent ( and easily bored ), wanders off down the hill in search of anything vaguely edible. Dessicated shrew, road kill, badger poo - she's not fussy. The young garagiste races by in his little souped up Citroen. He slams on the brakes , reverses back , winds down the window ( how many cars have wind down windows ? )  and informs me he's marrying his girlfriend. " I'll let you know what day it is so that you can be there ". He is heartily congratulated although I'm surprised to be invited as we've done nothing other than buy a replacement brake light and exchange half  a dozen pleasantries before. 

The bakers selection somewhere south of interesting but north of lacklustre.

'The Font' has asked me to buy some lamb chops to try out a new recipe in the NYT.  All sorts of strange French cuts are on offer. All of them are the same price. We settle on a kilo of Cote Filet d'Agneau. Bob and Sophie watch the transaction with great interest.

Today's croissant could be anything, anywhere.  Some sort of generic white bread - chewy and stringy. I'd rank it 4/10 , the PONs give it an enthusiastic 11/10. Perhaps the curly ends really are the best bits ?

The florist delivers chrysanthemums to the church yard. This year the village is paying for flowers to be put on the graves of all WW1 soldiers. Little tricolour bows mark them out from the family offerings.

Another day in a little French village where nothing happens.

Country music meets China :

This advert ( despite what you read in the papers ) a reminder that that civility is still alive and well in America :


Poppy Q said...

We agree - the baker is not making us salivate. Lamb chops sounds like a great autumn dinner. Enjoy!!

WFT Nobby said...

This household approves of lamb chops of whatever cut, and would love to see the NYT recipe.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

You and 'the Font' are members of the Village, of course you'll be invited to the wedding.

Kerrie Roberts said...

Love that the village is making an extra effort with the graves of WW1 soldiers.

Sheila said...

I've been wondering about Loic. Beautiful lamb.

Yamini MacLean said...

Hari Om
Life happens in your wee village - and that's a lot! YAM xx

Jean said...

Civility remains spotty here. Trump declared that "his" troops may have to fire upon migrants who throw rocks.

Emm said...

The baker's forĂȘt noir looks sort of interesting. Sorry about the croissant.
I, too, like that there is extra effort being made for the graves of the soldiers of World War One. A hundred years on, and I'm afraid they would be horrified to learn that political leaders are as nasty as ever and seem not to have learned anything.