Sunday, November 18, 2018


On the PONs start of day 'comfort break' it's still dark. Pitch dark. To our left Venus is beaming out like a diamond. To our right above the orchard and the path that leads down to the waterfall a cloudless sky reveals stars packed from horizon to horizon. Satellites shimmy through the pre-dawn heavens ( the secret to satellite watching is they come at you from all points of the compass ). The PONs and their owner are closely monitored by the barn owls that live in the plane trees that line the lane. Every so often the owls - en masse - take wing and screech. 

While waiting for 'The Font' in Georgetown I wandered into a book store on M Street. A small thin blue hard covered book catches my eye. 'Gratitude' by Oliver Sacks. Four essays written at the end of his life. Gentle and lyrical and kind. Nothing sad or maudlin about them. Gratitude seems to be out of fashion these days although I'm glad we're a family that always writes thank you letters. Sitting on the storm drain this morning, watching the donkeys in the field below, the words on the back of the book seem especially true. Are Gratitude and Thanksgiving the same things ? 

Gratitude of a different sort at the bakers this morning. The pretty young lady behind the counter has noticed that Bob has been absent for a few days. I explain he's eaten something that's 'disagreed' with him. She brings not one but two croissants straight from the oven. They're still warm, borderline hot. Each PON gets a double dose of curly ends. How's that for the start of what's probably going to be the best day ever ? Bob has a joy overload and has to be encouraged out of the cafe. His body rotates and his legs go in different directions and seem to trip over themselves with delight. I call this his 'soft shoe shuffle'. 

Later, we sit on the storm drain and watch the donkeys and wave back at passing farmers in their little white vans. Another Sunday morning in deepest, deepest France profonde.

And thank you to Netflix for this :

Don't think I've ever seen one of these :


Yamini MacLean said...

Hari om
Double croissants? Combustion-level bestness!!! YAM xx

Sheila said...

I finished Oliver Sacks' autobiography one night before going to bed. The next morning I opened the NYTimes website to discover that he had died. Gave me an eerie feeling.

Emm said...

"stars packed from horizon to horizon" -- something I miss very much living in a place with too much light pollution.
Sohpie looks very happy, if not exactly grateful.

~Kim at Golden Pines~ said...

A coincidence you'd mention a bookstore on M St - The doctor I work for loves an Amazon books that's over in that direction.

Good to read that Bob is feeling well.

Poppy Q said...

Bob you are killing me in that first photo. Glad to hear the guts are feeling better and the bakery rewarded your presence.

The netflix show looks great - a tear jerker for sure.

Now I don't want to mention the rugby at the weekend. I think us Kiwis must have had really really bad jet lag. Good on Ireland though - they'll be talking about that one for years!!!!

rottrover said...

I'm so grateful that you recommended the Dogs documentaries on Netflix. I've watched the first three! It's wonderful - Thanks!