Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Back to normal.

Errant donkeys, cake thieves and unexpected funerals. After an uncharacteristically eventful few days the village eases back into its usual state of calm ... or quiescence. The PONs can get back to that most important of all duties .... watching out for village c-a-t-s.

It's the Easter Holidays. The two tikes are collected by their grandmother who has driven from St.Etienne to collect them. The tikes elder sister also goes but from her demeanour we assume she's not looking forward to a five hour journey in a car with her siblings. Come to that the grandmother looks none too cheerful either.

After a lengthy and unexplained absence the Polish plumbers return.  '' Good Morning Meester Ongis " intones Piotr their chain smoking leader. They are finishing off the plumbing in the house by the pond. Long time readers of the blog will remember this was the house where the owners wife arrived unexpectedly from Paris and found her husband 'entertaining' his secretary. Tyres were slashed and headlamps smashed. The mans suits had their arms cut off and were thrown into the village pond. The house has subsequently been sold at a steep discount to the asking price. The new owners are putting in air conditioning - a modern invention which is a technical novelty ( and source of amazement ) for the older villagers.

March was hot and dry. April has reverted to form and is showery. Last night a mountain storm snapped two of the newly planted ash. We slept through it. Sophie finds that the level of the water in the little ditch by the horse field has risen. An unladylike rump in the air drinking posture is no longer required.


  1. Hari OM
    Oh yes, the place where nothing ever happens is the best place to visit via the blog of Angus and his PONs! YAM xx

  2. The PON populated garden is looking beautifully lush and green this spring morning. Better to be relaxing there with Bob and Sophie than spending a few hours in a car with the two tikes.

  3. Happy the PON who can spend a sunny morning lounging on the picnic table or drinking from a ditch. Surely today is in the running for best day ever.

  4. Bob and Sophie you are both looking good today!!

  5. Hope the recently planted olive trees survived the mountain storm.

  6. Bailey Bob Southern DogApril 17, 2019 at 4:40 PM

    Me looking at pictures before coffee: ahhhhhhh Bob and Sophie relaxing in the garden. Look at each of their sweet faces! Finial on fence post, wait, whaaat? Religious finial on fence post? Mmmmm, sometimes things in pictures line up perfectly! ! !

    1. Goodness. A miracle ! Extremely well spotted.