Thursday, April 4, 2019

Best day ever.

There's been some rain overnight. The lyrical, gentle sort that can't decide whether it wants to be mist or drizzle.The garden has enjoyed it. The grass holding onto its lush greenness before Mays summer sun parches it brown.

The PONs are out of the door and into the distant recesses of the garden as the first light paints the clouds. They don't so much run as skip in pursuit of a collar dove that has the audacity to walk across their lawn. Sophie shrieks.

It's good to see the dogs like this. Lost in their own world of unbridled adventure. Excitement worth sniffing on every tree stump or flowering shrub. Angus thinks of talking to Bob about the strategic implications of the VP's criticisms of Turkey and Germany but why ruin a good day ? We wave at the school bus as it drives by. The tikes elder sister stares at the screen on her phone and refuses to acknowledge the presence of her two annoying brothers.

What a gift to have companions who are willing to share natures greatest secret - today is simply the best day ever.


  1. The ROF's occupants always bring a smile to our mornings.
    That rain was just perfect for soaking--any harder and it would have washed right over the parched ground.

  2. Hari om
    Meanwhile, having landed in OZ this a.m. to roaring red sky, the day deteriorated into rain that is neither mist nor drizzle. It is of Dunoonian persistence. Not what I was looking for, but am at least fortified for! YAM xx

  3. I was in Aldi's yesterday afternoon and came across a display of Jaffa cakes, artfully arranged to encourage impulse buying. Because you'd mentioned them in connection with the Dynamic Duo, I recognized the name and so impulse bought.
    My, they're addictive. But I'm not sharing them with the dog.

    1. No Scottish window cleaner would venture into canine territory without Jaffa cakes. The one thing guaranteed to make dogs welcome them !

  4. It is such a treasure to be able to just enjoy what's right in front of you...instead of worrying about what's ahead. We can learn from dogs.