Thursday, April 18, 2019

That attitude to life.

Some mornings you wonder where the time goes.

This morning the time has been spent in getting both PONs into the back of the car. 

Sophie has fixed ideas about how much trunk space belongs to her. 70% is a good rule of thumb. Bobs opinion on these matters is ignored. Sophie is a great exponent of that ' If you can't immediately get your own way - Shriek ! ' approach to life.

The arrival of a black village c-a-t in the garden doesn't help matters.

And an interesting snippet of information from the French Ambassador in Washington :

And this map of America in fascinating :


Emm said...

I'd heard that the rooster was found, but didn't know about the relics part. Another bit of good news.
Rule of thumb, indeed. Sophie says: "Talk to the paw!"

Susan said...

Actually his tweet is ambigious. I have not heard confirmation that the relics contained inside the coq are intact.

Taste of France said...

When the fire was burning, I heard that among the treasures saved were the crown of thorns and St. Louis' tunic. Le Figaro says a packet of the crown of thorns was inside the coq, and that nobody has seen inside it yet.
A lovely interview that you might enjoy:

WFT Nobby said...

Sophie, "patience is a virtue" as my Human Granny often used to say.
Toodle pip!

Poppy Q said...

Poor Bob.