Saturday, April 27, 2019

The impatient glance.

The PONs get loaded into the back of the car. Bob plants his good morning kiss on his sister. She is not impressed. Why does he do it ? Filial devotion ? A reminder to her that he's boss ( if so she still hasn't got the message ) or a check on whether she's had anything wonderful to eat ? Sophie's reaction to this sibling attention is written loud and clear on her face.

A moment of high drama as the black cat that's been asleep on the terrace wakes up and finds that two Polish Lowland Sheepdogs are hurtling towards it. The cat is up and off at the speed of light followed by its two braying pursuers. Despite her metal legs Sophie can just about match her brother in speed. Neither can match the cats.

On our morning walk Sophie pauses to give me a chance to catch up. There is an element of impatience in her over the shoulder glance.

Yesterday the workmen came to cut the grass verges. They arrived in a small but efficient convoy. A white van with yellow roof lights led the way followed by a large green tractor with a cutting blade'. Another tractor followed along behind bailing up the grass. The PONs watched all of this from the far gate. They were spellbound. The workmen whistled which added an additional layer of excitement. Life just keeps on getting more interesting.

The bakers has a window display of children's Easter drawings. This was put up yesterday afternoon. Another example of peculiar French timing. I'm betting the pictures will stay up for  month.

So starts a weekend in a French village where nothing ever happens.

Uplifting :

Not the perfect pet :


WFT Nobby said...

I am familiar with that impatient glance backwards.
Thanks for the link to the heartwarming video from Ethiopia.
Cheers, Gail.

Poppy Q said...

Man your village makes me laugh. Easter posters up the week after Easter!!! One thinks all the shops need a big calendar on the wall.

Good job the cats are fast in your neighborhood.

Taste of France said...

I imagine the kids didn't have time to color until vacation started.
Here, they do the carnival parade on the Friday before Easter break instead of on Mardi Gras. Why not.
The Ethiopia video reminds me of another story from my Peace Corps days. We were encouraged to start school libraries and had contacts with various charities that donated books. One kid came to the "library" (a closet) and apologized for bringing back the book early. It was The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, by Mark Twain. Then he asked whether there were other books like that, and I got him The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. It was the high point of my (short) teaching career--connecting with a kid who loved to read. Those donated books got a workout.

Angus said...

I don't think the PONs would know what to do in the (extremely unlikely) event that they actually cornered a cat.

Angus said...

What a lovely memory.

Emm said...

Late or not, the Easter chickens are charming. Such imaginative use of colors.
Thank you for the inspiring story from Ethiopia. Here in the US, there are politicians who want to reduce funding to libraries, and even to close some.

The Life of Riley said...
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The Life of Riley said...

Perhaps your bakers follow the Ortodox calendar where Easter 2019 is celebrated one week later than the date used by Western Christianity.