Monday, April 22, 2019

The vantage point.

Bob is up on the grooming table early.  Later today he is going to have a hair cut. The heat is slowly starting to build and that long thick luxuriant coat will soon be a hindrance.

Bob rather likes lying out on the grooming table. A great vantage point. This morning he can peer through the fence as a convoy of agricultural workers drive along the lane. The first of the season. Three beat up old Renaults and two Peugeot 308's that have seen better days. The Senegalese seasonal workers slog away on the local melon and apricot farms through the summer heat. They buy cars that no self respecting Frenchmen would be see driving. These are then lovingly restored, resprayed in 'exotic' colours and shipped  back to Dakar. Quite how they get the cars there is something of a mystery. 

We head off en famille to the market. Time to buy replacements for the fast fading petunias. We need plants that can survive direct sun and thick clay. Anything blue seems to work whereas paler colours wither. Perhaps blue plants are more heat tolerant and water retentive ?

We pass the stall with an unusual array of legs and torsos.

The Tunisian basket sellers are back with their new season range of Tunisian baskets. Next week we may buy one. It's not that we need a new laundry basket but the poor Tunisians never seem to have any customers.

The chocolate Easter egg was wonderful. The young lady had decorated it with butterflies and filled the inside with little red fruit flavoured chocolate drops. 'The Font' who is not a chocolate fan ( and most certainly not a milk chocolate fan ) was  complimentary.


  1. Those are lovely baskets. I once took a one-day course in basket-making and found that all the college jokes about basket-weaving as easy are untrue -- it's hard work and requires considerable thought and judgment.
    Thanks for the chocolate egg update. It is (was?) beautiful and sounds delicious.

  2. Hari om
    Well, it must be said that choc is a work of art...shame to destroy it!!! Wonder if the fur cut will be the modern art standard of the sisterdag??? YAM xx

  3. The chocolate egg is gorgeous - it actually looks very Japanese with the butterflies and the fish (not so much the carrots!). I'm sure you could sell a million of them here in Tokyo at a completely ridiculous price!

  4. How lucky could you get - to marry a non-chocolate lover! All for you and no snitching - as long as Bob and Sophie don't discover it.

    1. The key to a long and happy relationship is buying chocolate cakes which are passed over to Angus to finish off after the first nibble. Gallant and not wasteful.

  5. One of life's coincidences......the man in front of the clothing stall is a friend of ours from our neighbourhood up on the Dordogne.

  6. Bailey Bob Southern DogApril 22, 2019 at 5:25 PM

    I bet Bob does not know about his later in the day defuzzing. What a lovey Easter Egg! I am fascinated by the Easter Fish.