Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Inventory management.

Angus is getting ready to head off to have dinner with men in dark suits. Last time he met them he was introduced to a take no prisoners lady in a black cocktail dress, a diamond brooch and a pair of grey running shoes. If that wasn't statement enough the shoes had extra thick yellow soles. This I guess is power dressing Manhattan style. The lady , who was the CFO, introduced herself with the words " I started in accounts and worked my way up from nowhere -  a.k.a Brooklyn ".  This is a difficult opening line to reply to. I thought of saying 'I'd never have known it from your accent ' but this would have been both untruthful and quite possibly rude. Sometimes silence and a smile is the best answer.

The PONs have noted that Angus is wearing black brogues. A sure sign part of the flock is about to wander. Can dogs look reproachful ?

The Coots are still safe on the village green. 'The Font' has only seen one of the little ones and we were coming round to the view that the local cats had got the two others. But no. This morning mother and three little ones paddle line astern across the pond. They move remarkably quickly into the safety of the rushes. Sophie glares at them.

A detour to the supermarket. Fare be it for me to criticize their inventory management but there are still Chocolate Christmas trees on the bio shelf. Angus is at that stage of self denial where his eyes are drawn automatically to anything chocolatey .

In the absence of chocolate Angus has been snacking on nuts and raising. You'd think that this most basic of all snacks would be easy to find. Far from it. The local supermarkets sell nuts and raisins that are either 1) salted ( an acquired taste ) or 2) are padded out with candied fruit that is towards the super sweet end of the taste spectrum. The big supermarket sells nuts and raisins but Angus is surprised to see that they're $3 a pack. 'The Font' suggests, delphically, that Angus should do the shopping more often.

This mornings croissant looks the part but fails to follow through. More bread than croissant. 5.5/10. The PONs think this score is churlishly low.


  1. Why did I suspect that "inventory management" might involve chocolate?
    Women who've worked their way up to exalted levels in finance, running shoes or no, have had a lot of barriers in their very long path. May their numbers increase.

  2. Seems to have been a run of poor croissants lately.
    Power dressing Manhattan style would seem to be far better for both comfort and the long term health of the feet than the sort of shoes the female staff are apparently expected to wear in some City of London firms...Wearers of black brogues should consider themselves fortunate.
    Cheers, Gail.

  3. Also, you don't want to be buying bags of mixed nuts and dried fruit. The nuts in these bags are always soft, from exposure to the moisture in the fruit. Buy what you like separately and have a personalised mix.

  4. Maybe the lady in trainers was recovering from bunion surgery, which might also account for her snippiness. Painful feet. Anyway, I agree with Gail that trainers are better than high heels.
    As for chocolate, I, too, want some, but am staying out of the supermarket or I would buy all the chocolate. Especially with the Easter displays right at the entrance. Why put yourself in temptation's way? Also, the problem with snacking on nuts is that you can only eat something like seven almonds because they are loaded with calories.

  5. Gosh you mix with a variety of characters Angus. Maybe you should wear casual footwear as well.

  6. As always, a wonderful post today Angus but must admit that I've enjoyed the comments ever so much more. Don't mess with women who may have endured years of agony in spiked heels. The bunion and snippy comment actually made me laugh out loud. I can relate and wish I had tossed away those objects of torture years sooner. Are black brogues comfortable or do they make you long for grey running shoes with extra thick yellow soles? Ps: I'm off to google "coot". Safe travels to you...wear a brooch for luck.

  7. Bailey Bob Southern DogApril 9, 2019 at 4:17 PM

    Oh yes Angus, you are being given the ‘evil eye’ by Bob and Sophie. Yay little coots, Swim! As one who follows fashion blogs, may I say, the lady CFO is on the cutting-edge of the latest fashion trend!

  8. Shoes are always the indication of future activity here, too.